Any item that converts IEE's Elemental damage to Vitality damage?

Now that V1.2.0.0 has arrived, I am revisiting my favorite meme build- Might Guy the battle monk!

It’s time for the Red Beast to emerge! But this time I am building it completely around the 8th inner gate- The gate of Death! As such, the damage type prioritized is going to be Vitality.

THE QUESTION: Is there any item that can 100% convert the Elemental damage and Elemental damage buffs on Iskandra’s Elemental Exchange to Vitality damage?

direct conversion? no
singular item conversion no
can you get it fully converted via a couple of items? yes
just stack elemental dmg converted to vit items

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Damn, thats what I thought. I wasnt able to locate anything in Grimtools Item Database but was hoping it was user error/bad search keywords.

Looks like I’m in for an awesome journey! Going to be fun to puzzle this one out!

Thank you for confirming.

*keep in mind no matter what, the %elemental dmg and %DoT will not and would not ever be converted regardless
normal conversion rules still apply

there is lots? *assuming we talkign regular conversion items where you stack 2-3 of them

helmets, shoulders, weapons, rings, belts, medal/partial buff conversions depending on class

My bad man I should have clarified- I was NOT talking about regular conversion items- Was talking about 100% conversion items, like MIs and such, among other things. Figured there must be one that does it with all the items there are in the game but I guess not.

no, like i said, singular items, no, direct conversion, no
^this wouldn’t matter much anyway, the way conversion behaves it wouldn’t really give you any benefit outside reduced item slots/requirements
“guessing” the reason the conversion is spread out, and the mods that do exist are only partial, is because simply too good to get that much conversion on a single slot for this dmg type

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This is meme build so, not really trying (or expecting) to achieve any benefit outside of staying on theme for the flavor of the build itself. The 8th Gate causes the users blood to surround them in a vapor, as their body and life force is consumed in exchange for raw power.

So staying on theme, I am naturally going to be using the Sacrifice Relic, and thus was looking for a way to somehow boost that Vitality damage from within Arcanist class (which as I now understand is not possible since the %elemental dmg and %DoT would not convert anyway).

Im sorta just spitballing- Throwing it all out there, just theorycrafting a new take on my favorite meme build as I jump into V1.2.0.0. I appreciate the feedback!

i mean it’s rough if your first priority is a specific meme setup with little regard for skill use or class items/synergetic items
making a vitality arcanist could be considered “easy”, making a specific meme criteria would then be what hampers you the most, and would have to tolerate losing XY effect like not getting full conversion
but it’s very much doable to get both conversion or make a vitality based arcanist for sure