Any mods on Corpse Persistence?

Wondering if anyone made a mod that turned corpse decay off completely? As it was not a thing in Titan Quest and GD’s engine is a modified if better looking version of that engine, I was curious to see if the game could handle leaving corpses behind. Back in the TQ and Diablo II days I liked it for mainly the purposes of knowing immediately what areas I have already been to before.

Isn’t that what Corpse Persistance does in the Options menu? Turn it all the way up and they remain? Or do you mean even after you’ve ended a play session and start a new one corpses would remain and no new enemies respawn?

No, even if I turn it all the way up (aka to the right) it just extends them to remain for the maximum time, which is maybe 1 minute. Not permanently.
I have often asked for a permanency tickbox for this during the alpha (originally, bodies even disintegrated almost immediately upon death) but I was told it is for performance lag it created on weaker PCs. As my PC is strong enough, I would like to have this option, even if via modding.

Hi BB_Shockwave a bit late reply I was wondering the same thing I’ve managed to go to C:\Users\patri\Documents\My Games\Grim Dawn\Settings and set corpse persistence to 999 value I don’t know how long that will last but i was wandering around bodies about 5 min and they were still there, if you leave area through portal they will disappear tough

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Thanks! I tried this, seems to work! They do vanish eventually but they stay on for several minutes at least. I will check someday by leaving the game running while I do other stuff and checking back how long it lasts.
EDIT: Hmm, never mind. I made the post after killing Kubacabra and just went back that way and his corpse(s) were just disappearing, and I made the post about 3-4 minutes ago. So we can extend that much only.
EDIT: sorry seems it doesn’t work. The ini file got reset to 1 again and corpses disappear in less then a minute now.

You need to change the field ‘deleteBehavior’ in the monsters .dbr files (changing ‘deleteBehavior,Dissolve,’ to ‘deleteBehavior,Corpse,’)

But I don’t recommend to play Crucible when the corpses don’t vanish;
your FPS will go down to 10-20 FPS over time… :upside_down_face:

Edit: After 916 kills Crucible looks like this:


Hmm that is strange , I know they disappear when you go via blue “door” instance in any way or leave via portal but I’ve tried to stay near corpses and went afk they were there after 5 min.
I went to check back into config and value remains 999

But that’d require using the editor to alter every single dbr file, no? Tons of work…

If you use a tool like ‘fnr’ (find and replace) it can be done in 5-10 minutes, so no need to edit every single dbr file by hand.

Hah! Don´t do Crucible with that ! xD

Hmm, I re-set it to 999 and now it seems to work fine now. Maybe I don’t suppose to enter settings in-game after doing the change?
And heh, I don’t play Crucible at all, so I won’t have a problem with that.