Any new build ideas since the patch?

I’m home bored and was just wondering if anyone had theorycrafted any new build ideas since the release of so many new MIs that can be build defining. I noticed that now there is legit like 5 MIs that offer flat damage to blade arc that could make for a great dw/s&b build. Also the new chaos rifle is perfect for a chaos pyromancer focusing on AoE. Would love to hear anyone elses thoughts or ideas. Cheers.

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I saw this and thought of those silly acid/phys retal builds done by Alkamoshater and such, was thinking since the %retal on Aegis is fully converted it could be strong? I have no clue though

I don’t usually do pet builds, but with the new Zaria amulet combined with Bloodsworn Codex and the Beastcaller set, I could get total damage modified by 65% to 2 Briarthorns.

I think I have to do this.

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Currently working on this aether quick jacks sorceress thx to the added aether damage to the lights defender set: [] Spam to win aether fireworks! Aether (Quick)Stun Jacks Sorceress. Videos added. Gear, Stats, Devos & Grim Tools updated!
Been a blast so far and cant wait to take it into higher SR. :slight_smile:

I remember taking a look at your build yesterday, awesome job!

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I theorycrafted a DW Physical Spellbinder. I’ll need to actually play it before I do a full writeup here, but I’m stoked about the concept.

Looking at making a lightning doom bolt build. Not finished theory crafting it yet but this is what I’ve got so far.

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The conversion to Chaos on gloves doesn’t bother you? Better take Mythical Riftwarped Grasp

the daggers have chaos to lightning conversion globally

i forgot things only happen once. how lame

Why Krieg set? Wouldn’t something geared directly toward physical be better, like Warborn or single legendaries giving flat physical values?

Set bonuses are worth it since it was designed for DK or Battlemage, so it works for Spellbinder too.

With conversion from aether to physical, the converted flat aether damage on the rings and Krieg’s hands bypasses armor. So actually I have considered using instead double Seal of Might and building it as a pure caster, similar to the physical Templar that grey-maybe and mad-lee put together. Except that instead of having 100% conversion on only AAR, it would be globally on all aether damage for the character.

oh I forgot about this, that’s cheating allowed by the game, ha ha, they should remove that option

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So the new patch one have certain legendary set drops on certain mobs?

There are new MIs, no new sets.

With the help of another theory build from a user on reddit, I created my version of the Storm Herald Lighting Doom Bolt Conjurer.

Really thematic and fun build to play but it’s on the squishy side and runs out of energy fairly quickly. Open to suggestions to make it better!

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For energy - Arcane Spark component, Scythe/Scales of Ulcama/Harp devotions.


So I took it into Crucible Glad 150-170, and it could use some work. Kills trash fast and bosses well enough, energy was not an issue whatsoever, but it definitely is squishy. Any ideas on beefing it up offense or defense wise? I’m not too certain on the Cyclone 3 set so maybe those can be switched out.

How is proccing Fangs with Doom Bolt? Probably bad.
For much more health leech you can bind it to Wind Devils or Storm Totems.

Now Reckless Tempest is a waste on Wind Devil in my opinion with such a high skill recharge rate. Maybe Bind it to Totem or something.

Take 1p into Blood Pact because ACDTH will increase your leech. You have Weapon Damage from Chain Lightning or Ultos for example.

For more defense could try some other devotion setup, for example (I changed only Devotion)
(I lowered your Run Speed though, maybe you can compensate somehow)

You’re very right, I guess I hadn’t thought that out, but now it’s not an issue with your suggested devos (with the Tempest removed and adjustment into more defense). It now is very well-balanced with some much needed DA. Thank you so much for your suggestion!

My slight adjustment left in Eel for the DA & move speed, changed around the Devo skills as you suggested, and placed a point into Blood Pact which is now at +3. With the increased ACDtH, should I put Seal of Skies on the offhand for more Lightning dmg or leave Haunted Steel for the ACDtH?