Any strong build based on Phantasmal Blades?

It’s a rare (with decent affix - extremely rare) MI drop from grobble’s death clan shaman.

That’s what I talking about - you can farm this gribble’s offhand for eternity, or take black flame orb. Choice is yours.

Damage conversion only happens once per base damage type = No chain-conversion allowed. Once Pierce has become Vitality, the resulting Vitality from conversion can’t be converted more.

On a side note :
The flat Pierce damage from PBlades would get transmuted into Vitality damage with Frentic Throw.
The flat Vitality damage gained from Heart-seeker modifier would get converted to cold with Speaker of the dead

You can check this thread : All you need to know about conversion, by Halcyon.

ok :rolleyes:
the item is useless then. :mad:
You can only push Nether Edge and Heart seeker for cold damage if you wanna play with this item:furious: or we cant use the the demonslayer set.

There are no synergys for Speaker of the Dead.
Crate can remove the +skills to Heart seeker and Nether Edge:D:eek:

I think, you can reach max dmg only with vitality dmg :furious: