Any strong build based on Phantasmal Blades?

So Phantom blades seem like a cool spell. Any strong build out there which focuses on this spell?


…and it’s super fun to play

Spellbreaker PB. Can be cold dmg or convert to aether base.

Witchhunter PB. with new revised Demonslayer set

I’d also recommend on post number 2

Thank’s for the suggestions :smiley:

I have this with the Blood Orb of Chthon, vit/chaos caster with a nightblade skill is interesting. Works pretty well. PB is really versatile that way.



A more elaborate answer would be: Drizzto managed to complete solo Gladiator Crucible with a build that had PB in it. However it should be noted that PB, while maxed at 26/16 with both modifiers overcapped, was NOT the primary damage source by any means. They were mostly a tool to proc devotions with while double Devastation took care of the rest.

There is no good PB build as of

Ah that’s a shame :frowning:

I dont understand the items or is there a mistake?

Demonslayer set convert cold,pierce and phys. dmg to vitality dmg

Speaker for the Dead with +Skills from PB mods converts vitality to cold!?

Is there an option to use this offhand for PB?

No offense meant, but, there, fixed it for you.
Afaik, a very few selected top-tier builds are able to complete wave 150 Gladiator solo, on a regular basis.

That being said, PBlades focused builds are a lots of fun, that’s just you shouldn’t use it as your 1st char ever.

They’ll get you through ultimate allright, but you will eventually struggle to some extent against ‘let’s check how good is your build’ type of bosses : Nemesis, Madqueen…

Just saying, of course, having the best, optimal build is somewhat the goal of an ARPG, but not every one is obsessed with killing those training dummies in seconds.

Nope. Go Blood Orb of Chthon or Black Flame Orb which is definitely the best item for the off hand slot for PB Vitality build.

the cold pb spellbreaker is quite good or the dm set like this:

since I have not played for quite some time maybe this is not the best setup idk…

Or like this:

Still it’s only 24 sec Fabius, or a bit less in experienced hands. Just ok, not impressive, as JoV said.

The JoV vitality build linked earlier annihilates nemesis just fine. Some are in fact just a minor distraction, albeit with lots of hp.

Is the item “Speaker of the Dead” for Spellbreaker for Cold PB?

If not the item is useless for PB. Maybe is conversion is good for a Necromancer build in the DLC.

Stil believe that Black Flame Orb are better choice for offhand to this build

I believe so too… black flame is bis for vit… maybe less dps than an MI but numbers can be misleading… I havent tested cold variants but I doubt its better than vit as far as current patches are concerned.

Not always RR is better then direct damage. The only benefit of Black flame is easier to farm.

Can is see that MI offhand? :open_mouth: or maybe a Grimtools link?
Where did u find that? Only drop from Witchdoctors? :slight_smile:

If there is a cold variation as a spellbreaker, how does it work with the PB Transmuter that convert pierce to vitalily dmg. Could u convert these vitality dmg to cold dmg from speaker of the dead?

Yes, it drops from Groble Death Clan witchdoctors.