Any viable build for Sigils of the Executioner and Soulrend?

Hi Guys. first i have to mention im a HC player and medicore in game knowledge ( builds mostly ) and i enjoy it. i dont die to much :slight_smile: . i don’t own alot of Legendaries so far but luckly i found those 2 rings and weapon. from what i know they have nice synergy. and hyped by that i would like to make new char based around those. any ideas ? google gave me old mentions about those items so i have to post for help if there is a way to make those still fine. thanks :slight_smile:

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Both are used either in Shadow Strike builds or Bone Harvest

Edit: correction - Soulrend is used for Bone Harvest and Shadow Strike builds, rings are used in these as well, plus almost any melee cold nightblade build, whether it’s deathmarked or shattered guardian based.


You can check yout this guide: [] (2H Melee) Reaper of Souls - Soulrend-based BH Reaper [c+] [sr]
Although it’s for SC, you can look at some tips :stuck_out_tongue:
Or use Shattered Set instead of Deathmarked on hc. Less damage but more tankiness.

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ooo thank You guys! live savers! will have some fun this weekend :slight_smile:

Soulrend is nice weapon. Reaper is the classic and also now support Necromancers with class bonus. Alkamos rings provides offense, conversion and damage reduction. It you play Inquisitor though they are little redundant.

Other than Bone Harvest build, Shadow strike Spellbreaker is possible although DW will probably be better. I used different weapon in my cold Callidor Breaker but Soulrend can work too.