Any way not to have half a dozen+ dummy characters just for storage purposes?

I have at least 6 nonfunctional characters that I keep around just to store things…is this normal and is there any way around this?

just use gd stash. a 3rd party grim dawn character editor. infinite storage is yours.

you really dont need all those items, when you dont mod like me. You just dynamite the stuff more actively. Also look at what sets you have and keep them for if there are buffs/nerfs and keep them complete swap out better rolls on items and dynamite the rest. When you are out of dynamite just sell the stuff. You will have plenty of space.

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There are various mods and tools for this. Personally I have been using GD Stash for years, since it is totally reliable, grants unlimited storage and a nifty search function. Some dislike GDS, because it can be used as a cheat tool, but no one is forced to use those functions. :open_mouth:
GDS is a third party tool. It stores your items outside the game.

Stash mods usually increase the size of the ingame stash by a lot, which I don´t like very much.

Take your pick.

if you don’t want to use mod/3rd party tool, i recommend you organize your storage mules to act as storage for their respective builds.
-chaos damage char only stores end game items for chaos damage builds
-hybrid damage char only stores end game items that has the damages that support the char
-some random char that stores items exclusively for leveling
-some random char that stores crafting materials only.
that way, you can organize your mules more efficiently. but it is important that you have a definite end game plan for the chars you play, to make sure that char only stores items that is really good for that char.
i myself do that organizing plan too (even though i use gd stash too). but eventually you can forget which items you already have, which items you are seeking, which items you should consider useless for all your chars, then you’ll be confused why you have multiple clones of the same items. so like vizix said, you should frequently dismantle useless items (this includes green, blues, even purple item) so that your inventory won’t get cluttered too much.
i’ve already lost count how many times i get multiple clones of items (both in game stash and in gd stash), that when the same items dropped again, i got confused whether i need that item for other builds, whether i already got that item in the stashes, whether that item is totally useless to me, whether i should sell that item/dismantle it/ignore it.
yeah… item management is a painful chores. even if you got the best tools to help you. just gotta deal with it and focus on the fun parts.

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I will investigate the stash…bit lazy about that. Thanks for the replies.

Third party tool like GD stash or Item assistant can store all that items for you.

Most of the major patches add new items, the drop rate is relatively high, so it’s normal to run out of space to store your gear.

Item assistant is very convenient. Been using it for a few months now. Highly recommend. GDSTASH is good too.

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