Any way to downgrade the game?

Is there any way, or mod that downgrades the game to a previews patch?
I just think that the 1.1.2.x totally ruined my experience, I don’t mind some builds being OP its a single player game with a multiplayer feature…

If you got it on Steam, nope. Not unless you backed up your entire installation folder beforehand.

Own it on GOG, then sure. Easy. Then again, if you owned it on GOG chances are good you’d already know that.

Other than that there are slightly less than legal means but unfortunately for you this isn’t the place to go into all that and that’s a do at your own risk and discretion deal anyway, even if you own it.

You could also just mod or use mods. Funnily enough, adoomgod just extremely recently made a half joke / half real mod that might be up your alley. Who knows.

Grim Dawn is the ARPG equivalent of your grandma who makes sure you eat all your brussel sprouts and are in bed by 9PM. “And don’t you go doing too much damage ya hear?” But grandma at least makes life easy for you and buys you treats.

Meanwhile D2 and POE are cool kids on your block who measure their top builds in “bosses per second” and facetank whatever they want. But they also keep introducing you to bad apples and undesirables, and soon enough you get hooked on heroin. (Or as it’s officially referred to, “Trading”)