Any way to get character files around level 40-50?

Was wondering if there’s some thread or file which has a bunch of level 40+ solo classes. Things can be done or not, I don’t really care, I just like playing a bunch of different builds and am tired of leveling said builds.

However, I also don’t want to just start out at level 85, I like seeing how they perform midrange as well.

Download this.

Create a new character.

Adjust to desired level. Adjust currency. Adjust faction level. Apply no crafting cost. Throw together a quick suit.

Test, respec, rinse, repeat.

Thank you very much.

any way to respec the DAIL masteries with it ?, since every time i select to respec with the trainer i only get the default masteries respeced, but if i have a mastery from a mod it doesn’t even refund the points or anything

I don’t believe there is support for mod masteries at this time. You can use that tool for unlimited currency to respect the old fashion way. you won’t be able to pull points out of mastery investment though.