Any Way To Reset Mogroden's Kill Count?

So turns out the tester file I have already had moggy killed, which is a problem testing wise for obvious reasons. So is there any way to alter that save file state or am I screwed?

Tried google of course, but it’s useless for more specific searches these days >_<

@tqFan had some Token removal/fix trick i think?

*assuming he has/that works, then ofc you just backup that save once the Token is removed/fixed and he’s ready to kill again

Any idea where it is? Google’s not giving me anything >_<

i think he posted it in another thread, or he mentioned it on the discord, since i couldnt’ find it is why i pinged him for you


Appears though I can mod the conversation to allow a refight, but my brain can’t work out the tutorials for unpacking and repacking the .arc file >_<

Definitely did not get a good sleep last night lawl.

I recommend using this program to reset Mogdrogen:
[Tool] GD Hacker GUI for x64 GD / game speed, teleport, etc

Basically you need to type the Character.RevokePlayerToken "MOGDROGENAVATAR_KILLED" command.
To be able to type it you can either

  • unlock the console in Main Campaign (I have a guide for it in Discord, it’s very easy but requires Cheat Engine)

  • move your character temporarily to Custom (toggling Mod flag in GDStash and moving character folder is needed) where the console is unlocked by default


Cheers, bit annoying I have to use Cheat Engine though, since Destiny 2 anti-cheat engine will detect if it’s been installed >_<

But once I do this for all the needed characters, I hopefully wont need it again. In theory.

That would be some bullshit, why couldn’t you have it installed? It probably just checks if you are not launching it while the game is running.

You have to revoke the token after every kill, if you want to kill Mogdrogen again.

Nah, I don’t need to revoke it, because the tester+ save I’ve created get’s copied and renamed for new test builds. So aside from the current test builds I’ve made, any future ones wont need to do so.

As for Destiny 2 - given CE can access and edit the memory of programs in the system memory it’s stupidly powerful for cheating MP/MMO games. Which is why cheat detection software really, really fucking hates it.

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Got it working! Bit hard to test on the tester+ without infinite health of course :stuck_out_tongue:

But that’s that one done and a whole bunch of test builds to fix this on >_<

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oh and btw I think you only need to type the command once for the current game launch
after that you can recall it by pressing up arrow when console window is open

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Oooh, wish I had known that sooner, because typing in low light with no LCD backlight keys is hardmode for commands…

Speaking of which, I guess I’ll just replace my keyboard next week, was going to get a better microwave, the keyboard’s a decade old as it is.

And in severe need of a complete take-apart-clean…

Though because it’s a mechanical keyboard (Corsair k70), it’s still solid as a rock thanks to the mechanical switches + a final firmware fix to the bug it had for years where keys would act like they were held down…

I’d like to inform everyone that you can reset Mogdrogen easily in Main Campaign with:
[Tool] GD Hacker GUI for x64 GD / game speed, teleport, etc

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