Anybody else farming Port Valbury

Tons and tons of monster infrequents including 4 potentially great ones. Amazing density. Good variety of foes to keep you from being bored. A very easy final boss(at this point all 3 dungeon bosses seem very easy though).

Sure there are some bad points like ground effects and reflect but they cant stop the fun at least for me.

Effort to reward is horrible

Never used any of the MI belts or the axe only did enough runs to get scepter

best shit the aldritch scepter. i do know MI’s with the right combos can trump legendaries, but i don’t wanna get myself into another hell-hole. Wasted 1000s of hours on TQ solely on MI farming. I’d like to get through this game without any as much as possible.

Or probably just by crafting. This nostalgic Horadric Cube Crafting concept is cool. Any good stuff to be had?

MIs have to be the best addition to this game and honestly the only reason to keep playing after you’ve beaten everything.

as much as i like the dungeon itself, the area before is incredibly frustrating for me (Heralds and Abos everywhere, ground effects and whirlwinds ad nauseam…). that often discourages me.

and as mentioned Dekaron, the reward rapported to the overall difficulty is horrible. the difficulty of the final boss is very dependant on your build, my tank can kill it :undecided:

but i agree that both Old and High town are very exciting and fun areas

i actually hate this place. for some dumb reason the AETHER mobs are just as resistant to my chaos damage farmer as the CHAOS mobs from Bastion of Chaos. The net effect is they are harder to kill. oh the irony…

BoC all day for me, it’s just easier and the drops still flow good.

you just described the entire area. there is no “inside” area without that stuff, the whole dungeon is outside :undecided:

in fact it’s way more concentrated in the Outskirts. there’s less crystals in the town itself (while there’s several in every field in the outskirts), so less chances for an Abo spawning. there’s only two heralds in old town and one in High Town. and the aether patches are less frequent too because of the buildings.

it’s still a dangerous and treacherous arena but it looks ok for me (except the final boss fight which can be painful or a cakewalk depending on the build).

I’m fine with this dungeon for the most part, but the reward-challenge ratio is pretty damn bad.

Thankfully the next update will add an 100% blueprint drop to the last boss chest in all rogue dungeons, so at least you have another method to farm blueprints instead of just farming Nemeses.

yeah the aether traps are stronger than anything in BoC, but ironically the XP in BoC is still better. i get a guaranteed 2 levels per clear, even in the high 90s.

Oh damn that is some nice news! Gonna give an extra reason to relive the hell of doing 100+ Run for the Ring and still not seeing a single Soulrend (still 0 out of 3 ((I traded for a Decree)) out of the 3 Legendary Weapon in Rogue Dungeon 1k hours in!

XP is like the least important thing considering how quickly you get to 100.