Anyone Able to craft Rampage Relic on softcore?

Been trying to farm it for days with no luck, if anyone could please help me out I’d really appreciate it.

Attachment: rampage.jpg

I cant find it too, I’m lvl 81 now and already beat Log on Elite. Please help.

The merchant in Steelcap District sells a few random relic blueprints on all difficulties, if he doesn’t have the one you need just start a new session and check again, rinse and repeat until you got it.

Thank you but that merchant only sells transcendent relic while Rampage is an empowered one. I’m afraid that at my lvl (81) empowered relics cannot be dropped.
Any idea please (except starting a new character).
Thank you.

He can sell empovered relic bp-s too even on high lvl characters. I just tested it with a lvl100 char (on elite).

You probably have to restart game sessions several times before you can get what you want since what he has each time is random.

I can craft it for you, if you still need it. Just add me on steam: Isyth

U still play GD ? I’m lookin for Rampage so pls can u help me to craft it ?