Anyone care to duo

I have been Playing GD, on and off, for some time now. Unfortunately I can not seem to get my act–and most of the game’s acts–together. I have never gotten past Homestead nor have I got past level 40. There is always a ‘new’ build or a silly combo of classes to try.

I guess my problem is: half (or quarter) assed-itis. I figure a duo partner might be just the thing to keep me on the straight and narrow.

I am in the Eastern Standard time zone. I do play at different times. Sometimes 9 am to 11 am or all afternoon. My schedule is wonky. I am willing to commit 2-3 hours at a time at some agreed upon day and time slots.

A fair word of warning: I am anal about exploring all of the map and zipping to end game is not what it is about for me.

I presently have a 37 vitality conjuror–at the Prospectors Trial rift naturally, and; a 15 Occultist–hellhound maxed–and not sure if I will make him a witchblade, pyro, etc.

Feel free to leave me a line here or PM me, if you think you can help me out.

Thanks for reading.

I don’t multiplay and not in a close enough time zone anyway, but welcome to the forum. :slight_smile:

Once the expansion comes out I may join you. I, too, can be exploratory about anal anal about exploration.

Also in EST.

Hi… greetings bro…

Just join this forum too… It would be nice if we could play together… At what time you usually play ?

I’m on the other side of globe (GMT+7)… but i usually play around 7-11AM - EST time…

It would be great if we play together from fresh char…

Hey, let me know your days and time slots. I’d love to play together sometime. I absolutely love the game, and finding all the secret areas is definitely a hobby!

My highest level character is 37. I’m just about going into Homestead now.

Anyone else who wants to play can add me too!

You can add me on steam at this link: h ttp://steamcommunity . com/id/goodbyemypuppy/

Hope we can play together soon!

Sorry guys, life got away with me.

I can play 9:15 am to noon EST on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays. I can try and get on most evenings from 9:30 pm to midnight.

I presently have a 29 or 30 shaman who has just completed Cronley’s hideout and is sitting at the Twin Falls (I believe) rift.

I thought the forums would alert me if anyone posted here but I forgot to fill in the notification (has since been rectified).

Give me a shout at your convenience.

Interesting, I have 800hrs in, guess I can join too if there is a spot open? I have tried multiplayer in the past, but then I always get outleveled

Sure can. As it is only me, let me know days and times you are free ( see my post above) and we can give it a go. I have 2 shaman around 28-30. Both have completed Cronley’s Hideout. If you have a character in that range would be great.

I’m in eastern zone too, I do usually go on nights other than Mon and Wed. Fri and Sat I might or might not be available. Other than that all good to roll :smiley: Add me on Steam, Mackerel

How about this Thursday at 9:30 pm EST. I’ll make a game titled Duo. My character is named Krackle.

See you then.