Anyone else goes through the same monthly ritual as I?

Every other month I go through the same approximate routine: something triggers my excitement to play some ARPG again so I start browsing the grim dawn forums, spend 1 hour or 2 on grimcalc figuring out a nice build then I make a new character, get halfway to the first quest, get bored and quit. I don’t know why, it’s like it takes to much patience to get into a game.

I never trust anything that bleeds for five days and doesn’t die…

I’m the complete opposite. I wanna stop playing GD so that i can play other games, but while i’m playing with a character i get the urge to make another one. And instead of playing other games i just make a new character.

I am more like you, Norzan, I take a char through the first difficulty, but then a different build idea distracts me and I start a new toon. It’s quite typical for me to stop playing such a new char until the Burrwitch Outskirts riftgate. I always continue, but for some reason I usually need to stop playing at that point.

I do not look for other games anymore, as I would not have time to play them anyway.

robby_stark, do you feel it takes too long to reach the state of your projected build? Try not to plan a build, but to develop it on the fly. It helps me to have milestones like unlocking a skill / modifier, equipping a certain build defining item or being able to use items from my collection, which have been sitting there far too long.

Regardless of how much time I invest in devising a new build, at one point I notice that I overlooked something, which can be either a good or a bad surprise. Or later in the game I need to update most of my equipment slots at once, which can be a challenge of its own. These are welcome interruptions in this game, which I know for the most part by heart.

Also, it’s usually at the start of Elite that you realize if a character playstyle is boring or not, even though it looked cool on paper.

I’ve been having the same experience.