Anyone Have A Resource For Text Markup For The Forum?

Google has failed me completely this time, which it’s doing a lot more regularly. Though not for LLM spam this time lawl.

Anyhow, if anyone has a cheat sheet etc for the markup stuff the forum uses so I can format my build posts that would be bloody great. Because the stuff that works on the discord app doesn’t seem to work on the forum and due to how google works these days, everything is for the bloody app :upside_down_face:

Also can’t reverse engineer it either just by quoting a build post, due to the quote function not picking up the codes used.

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You can see what other people typed in if you reply and click Quote the whole post button :left_speech_bubble: in the left upper corner of the reply window

or this
but put appropriate thread number there

That’s a start, so thanks, brain’s deads now so I’ll try and nut out the colour stuff tomorrow. Which I assume is markdown. I think.

Oooh, so the old BBCodes still work? Nice, because there’s a ton of good old resources for those. Which I’m old enough to actually have had to use said code once upon a time for basic manual formatting…

Markdown has no colours. You need to use BBCode for them. And sometimes you are limited to how you can nest these two together.