Anyone know where to find this Monster?

I’m looking for a certain monster,that should drop a specific Monster Infrequent (Fleshwarped Incinerater). It should drop from a Fleshwarped Flameeye, but I looked through the whole wiki and it’s not listed anywhere. I already got two of those Rifles at some point, so I know I must’ve been in areas where these mosnters are, but I didnt realize at that point it was an MI drop, so I didn’t bother to pay attention to that. Also that was before I got the expansion, so I know it must be pre-act5.

Now I want to farm for a better weapon a bit (still using the same since 20 levels or so) and I can’t find the area where the monsters are that drop it.

Does anyone have an idea by chance where they could be? Thanks

Should drop from the guys around Homestead.
Rotting Croplands, Port Valbury Outskirts and so on.

Happy hunting.

Rotting Croplands, Conflagration, Gruesome Harvest, Port Valbury (inside and outside). I think Necropolis and Asterkarn Road too.

Ah thanks guys

You can check the Grimtools monster db: