Anyone liking the new WoW expansion?

I still have my sub for the game but haven’t played in half a year, wondering if I should jump in?

It’s out tomorrow though?

for us its today

I haven’t played WoW since Cataclysm; I got burned out from all of the raiding, but I have some friends who still play, and they aren’t overly excited about it.

Stopped playing since the end of Lich King, to me that is the perfect ending for the game where both Horde and Alliance work together to face a common threat and overcome it.

The story after Lich King is absolutely mind blowing, both Horde and Alliance now knows that there are much much more greater threat like the Old Gods, Burning Legion, elder dragons etc just sitting and waiting to extinct every life on the planet. Yet they choose to go back to fighting each other instead of forming an alliance to fight against these threats.

Just why and for what logic is that? If the Lich King is not enough to convince them, Deathwing should be more than enough to convince the Alliance and Horde that they should stand beside each other instead of against each other yet for some reasons, the logical decision for them is to go back to fighting each other. I am so done with the game at that point.

Legion was kinda epic, or so I was told. Perhaps so epic that BfA plot looks rather mundane now. It was similar for Cataclysm and Pandaria.

if history has taught us anything, then that this is the most likely outcome. Heck, it does not even take Orcs as the other side, humans by themselves already do not work together…

BfA is a very, very low effort, lazy expansion. It just seems like a big patch.

No new class
No new professions
No new abilities (Just old abilities given back to certain classes)
New races you have to progress through endgame to unlock so you can level yet another same-old-same-old class since they can’t be a Demon Hunter or Death Knight.

It’s just tiresome. I don’t know what they were thinking.

I think its great having alot of fun, Just hit my 3 120 ( Yup that’s world 1st 3 level 120’s btw :stuck_out_tongue: )

I’ve been playing since Vanilla and this is the worst state I have ever seen the game. People are arguing about whether WoD was worse, but WoD had decent classes and raiding, just nothing else. This has a cool looking world and nothing else.

Definitely a shame.

Yeah, artistically, it’s stunning. Their best effort thus far. But that’s where it ends. Azerite is a piss-poor replacement for Artifact Weapons, except you lose more gear slots to it. Questing is about as fun as alternating shoving bamboo shoots under your fingernails and twizzle sticks up your pee-hole. And we’re still stuck with the highly unoriginal and very non-engaging daily world quest system.

I’m waiting for either a new expansion or the release of classic. I have given up on modern WoW. It’s unfortunate since I have been playing since vanilla, but I owed it to myself to not force myself to look for any reason to log in aside from the fact that I paid 15 dollars for the month.

That WoW still exists continues to surprise me. Seriously, hasn’t everything been done by now? I never managed to play a mmo for more than three years, how this is still going after all this time…

I had no idea it still existed. I stopped playing right before Wrath of the Lich King got released and I somehow never heard of any further expansions since then.

Typically I play each expansion for a month or so but this one just didn’t appeal to me. After hearing from friends who did play it I am glad I passed on this one. I don’t think I’ll pre-order any blizzard games for a long time the way things are going over there. How the mighty have fallen.

I still enjoy the social, and competitive, aspect of raiding. Obviously, this expansion I have not participated in that at all, which is why I have not been playing, but if I were, I think I would still enjoy it.

I enjoyed the expansion a bit even did a bit of heroic raiding but, I got bored of it a lot faster than legion. Which I think is because I found the post leveling quest chain in Suramar to be a lot more interesting. Probably because faction war expansions tend to disinterest me greatly. Though all in all I’m usually not a fan of mmos because grinding never feels satisfying, in my opinion.

Also making a divergent horde storyline like they plan sounds like it will be confusing confusing to figure out what is the cannon choice. I guess they may just make both storylines active at once based on different non descript adventurers choosing different sides. I usually enjoy every wow expansion for a month or two and, I did enjoy this one to a degree just compared to legion it didn’t get me as interested.

I hate it. I absolutely hate it.

They made Feral druid just utter dogshit until like a couple weeks ago, but by then the damage is done. I just can’t bring myself to struggle to catch up to literally all the other classes.

The game became to easy and to lazy. As many others have stated so many times the game was best during its BC and WOTLK days. With so many changes diminishing so many options of what your character could do, making the grind unsatisfying and the game story has gone in such a crappy direction it is uninspiring to even care what happens anymore.

It has become a milking cow for a company no longer appreciating its player base.

But in real honesty through my eyes - the game just sucks to anyone who was around during its early years. What made the game special: the story, the character decisions, and the challenging game play - it’s all gone. Being social doesn’t even matter anymore either when the game does the work for you and groups you up in dungeons/raids where you don’t have to say a damn thing to anyone.

Hell, I wouldn’t even mind their matchmaking system in LFR and LFG, if the content itself would promote community and social interaction. Unfortunately, everything in WoW is focused around timers and getting it done ASAP. There is no sense of “let’s just have a good time”, it’s more of “let’s maximize our lottery chances at getting the phat lewtz!”.