Anyone tried a chaos/vitality Phantasmal Blades build?

When I cap my current character, I was thinking of trying something new. For some reason, the idea of a phantasmal blades character jumped out at me. Looking around, I’ve seen bleed and cold PB builds, but nothing focusing on vitality/chaos. It seems like a chaos/vit build with solael’s witchfire, posession, curse of frailty, blood of dreeg, etc using some of the legendaries that are vit/chaos and have vit reduction procs could be promising. Anyone have any experience trying a build like this? Anytime I come up with an idea and can’t find a single build for it, I wonder if there’s a flaw I’m just not seeing.

An example. It’s pretty solid overall, just don’t expect super fast kill times on Nemeses and Mad Queen.

Blood Orb of Chthon I feel makes a better off-hand because you can convert all the cold damage to Chaos.

Unfortunately it doesn’t. You will have more paper dps but your dmg will be less RR supported (Not just the loss of -10% from off hand but take into consideration that CoF also does not affect chaos dmg) and you will lose -% energy cost which is huge.
If you want to change something I would rather change weapon to fang of c.

Not to mention the 70~ flat OA and +1 to Possession (it’s not much but it helps).

I do have witchhunter using Phantasmal blades (cold, vit, chaos). It was fun though. problem is… energy usage and it is not that effective. maybe i should use some green stuff cover some resist. anyway… it is fun to throw knives like Ninja. btw i uses a lot of purple and blues (DemonSlayer). I got mostly from certain user, who hates those gear. anyway good luck!

My first char, Witch hunter. Until now, the performance can’t satisfy me. Even with many good greens still weaker than some builds with average gear.

The problems are low efficient energy usage. IMO it’s rather bad for going only Tree of Life constellation for not out of energy. Without it, energy deplete faster than killing the tough boss. :furious:

It’s underpower compared to my other chars at all situation, but it’s fun and unique. Worth to try, but not dependable. Waiting for the expansion, may be something new can make it better.