Anyone want to help improve this Dual Wielding Havoc Pistol tactician for SR?

I’d really like to fit in grasp of unchained might but the resists get fucky then. I’m open to anything. Different setup with MI’s, different devotion etc. I just did a run thru 65-66 and felt tanky as fuck despite having no shield, but I would have liked to have killed faster.

Considerations: stoneplate greaves as always. The Final March. Kaisan necklace, conduit of Warring Whispers (for different resists but not much defense loss from avenger of cairn), grasp of unchained might, ghoul constellation. A better medal would be fantastic.

Devos changes:

you loose some damage from oleron and da from wolverine. Gain Ghoul, damage to humans, attack speed and some slow/freeze res from Hydra and Compass

That damage loss hurts but that is indeed even tankier. Build is like 12 minutes 30s in crucible 65-66 ultimate. But more damage probably wouldn’t change that dramatically anyway. For a dual wield pistol build that feels as safe as this I guess that’s alright. Will back up my character and test your changes tomorrow.

Beronath gun would be nice :joy: