Anything like this?

Can’t explain it better than this…


Ps. Maybe labeled “Mayhem electrical”…

You’d like an Acid build, am I right?

Wrong forum dude, this is Grim Dawn classes, skills and builds.

What drugs are you taking right now?

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Not for this alt, pure mayhem electrical glasscannon!!! Fight or die style…

All… And squared… Weekdays, holidays… I go Crazy, out of control… Electric… :slight_smile:
Some chain lightning build maybe?

I have no clue what this thread is about. You want suggestions for a build or what?

But, ok, I am gonna start threads with just a music video from now on I guess that is what we are doing these days.


What the christ am i listening to… 1994 says hi.

Nah, let me be a “bit” more specific…
Playstyle Belgothian, rush in and mayhem or die…
But Electric…
Does that make sence?
It’s my next idea for my 20x alt…

Maybe totally wrong, but i love the idea…
Anyway, cheers for even trying to help on a topic like this…
I started out wrong… But…

Sober up, then get back with something that is understandable.

If it’s not understandable, don’t bother… No hard feelings about that…
If someone do get what I’m aiming for then give me a hint… :slight_smile:

Ok, I will also post threads with just a music video :slight_smile: I like the idea!

I have a build for you

If you want smth like Belgo but lightning, i. e. DW lightning melee, sadly it doesn’t exist (won’t work in endgame).


I love it! But please! Can you call me anything else than “Dude”?
I’m as far away from that there is…
Thanks in advance!!!


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Pure love! I wanna build like that!

Same level as:

I love it!

Why not just make a build like this 2H Witch Hunter

Cool, but…
Maybe an Infiltrator like this…?

I think it’s enough internet for today.

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