AoE on Skills

Can we do something about the size of the AoE like Curse of Frailty and Word of Pain?
This is a bit annoying because I only want the debuffs for CoF or WoP, at least in the late game, but I need to put points on else where in the skill line just to get the AoE larger… Maybe put a cap on the size overall and let all the skills give some AoE enlargement each points? I’m sure many of you guys are annoyed by this too…

CoF is fine, WoP not that much, since second node of the skill improves the radius, but skill points to it are very scarce. So WoP needs lot of skill points for diminutive RR return.

CoF base skill is the only thing that adds radius tho. Vulnerability is only extra RR and DA shred.

I wish all the skills contributed to increasing the area instead of just the base skill like CoF or the second node for WoP. Maybe with a general cap of the size. Because what if someone just needed/wanted vulnerability but not CoF, it would be a pain to put points on CoF just for the area size.

Ah, that is what you meant. Yeah, that would definitely be cool if possible.

It adds radius, duration and certain RR. Vulnerability adds not just RR, but DA shred too. CoF is fine.
WoP, on other hand, requires too many points for what it does. It reduces pierce, aether and chaos res, but deals elemental damage (and doesnt crit), it requires a lot of skill points to scale radius, duration and RR to useful levels, and even then, its duration, radius and RR are lackluster compared to CoF.

WoP has to be pitiful damage tbh. Otherwise it’d be too powerful. It already has a place as a great levelling skill and a niche RR skill for certain builds.

Reducing the amount of points you need to invest in those skills would make them imbalanced, IMO. We’re talking about instant AOE RR debuffs that can easily trigger devotion procs (CoF can even trigger procs on crit devotions despite not doing any damage at all). A minimal amount of investment seems fair considering the utility they bring to the table.

Its damage is nice for leveling only, and as RR, it loses to CoF by a mile, not to mention other RR skills.

Imbalanced compared to Blade spirit or guardians of empyrion???

Blade Spirit only deals damage and has no debuff effect or weapon damage of its own, meaning that it’s not an optimal skill for many devotion procs. With Guardians of Empyrion, you have to wait for the spooky fire guys to get near the enemy for the RR to apply, and they might not even attack the desired target unless you waste a skill slot on pet attack to keep them focused, so it’s actually less reliable than the instant debuff that CoF and WoP offer.

And WoP doesnt crit, meaning it cant be used for crit skills either. Some other skills (Maul, etc) just cant be bound to it for some unknown reason.

CoF isnt instant - unlike with Blood of Dreeg, you have to interrupt your actions and perform a cast animation. Every time a pack of new enemies apppears. WoP is even worse - as its AoE is lower. While “fire guys” are automatic.

What? I’m pretty sure WoP crits like everything else. The reason you can’t attach devotions that proc on crit is because of the RR. Mainly the relation because Assassin Mark and the Pierce RR on Death Sentence.

Nope, you cant attach on-crit devotions to skills that dont crit (obviously).
You can attach on-crit devotions to Guardians of Empyrion, despite RR.

You still have to wait for the guardians to reach the target. This can be problematic if you are playing a range char because the pet leash makes them go back to you if you get too far away. CoF and WoP are way more reliable in that sense despise the minimal time spent casting them.

Anf CoF does indeed crit but the thing is that its damage value is 0 so can’t see it.

Uh, no. I already explained why you can’t attach crit devotion to WoP and it’s not because it can’t crit. Because WoP crits, same for CoF if it has a flat damage mod.

Zantai has explained he doesn’t want shenanigans between RR debuff skills and devotions that proc on crit. Guardian is a pet that attacks at its own pace, meaning you have no influence on its speed. RR debuffs like CoF and WoP are cast by you on the other hand.

Literally just tested ingame and WoP crits.