AoM: About item levels and legendary rarity

This is my intuitive feeling about the balance of the expansion.

Before AoM, I feel the game has a good sense of balance in everything. But after playing the xpac for more than a month now, I feel that there are some issues beginning to show up.

Because it is the “expansion” (the word says for itself), the base game was not touched very much. And with many things added in the xpac, the game has gone out of balance compared to the base game.

  1. Non-mythic legendary items are becoming obsolete:
    The xpac coming out makes the legendary items 2+ times more than the base game, but the drop rate hasn’t been increased very much (except the latest patch which has increased the drop rate in ultimate only, I suppose).
    With an average linear run through Veteran and Elite, I normally collect 4-6 non-mythic legendary items + 3-5 from quests (which are limited to a small loot pool, Ceno told me that. So, from my 6th character onward, I only receive the same items I got). And when I enter Ultimate with lvl 80s, I can only receive the Mythical version.
    I attach a picture below to show my collection of legendary sets before AoM, and it hasn’t been changed since AoM.

  2. Item levels are concentrated to the stick’s end, not very well allocated:
    The max lvl of items in GD is 75, which make the rate of 75/85=88.2%. In that good sense of balance, max item lvl in AoM should be 88. So the max lvl of non-mythic legendary should be 2/3 of mythic version = lvl 55 - 65.

So with that, when players get to mid Elite with lvl 50-60s, they can use the non-mythical lengendary, and when getting to mid Ultimate with lvl 80s, they can use the mythical versions.

The drop rate of non-mythic legendary in Veteran and Elite should be increased too, or they will be obsolete because you cant farm it in Ultimate with lvl 80+.

Increasing the drop rate of legendary items will ruin the feeling of how rare and precious they are. But the devs have already ruined that feeling a little bit when introducing the mythical version of most of the legendary in AoM. So because of that, there is no hurt to increase the drop rate of non-mythic legendary in Veteran and Elite or no-one will pay much attention to them anymore.

In that regard, lvl of epic items should be 35-45, and mythic epic should be 65-75.

Feel free to cmt on my idea, how do you feel about it? :eek:

I think my feelings align somewhat with your feedback, though I don’t have as much to say about item levels and such, but basically, Elite is probably the most boring part of the game now. It’s just the interim between the exciting first 40 levels (and yes, I think Normal is exciting, because you get to see your character form, and you level up fast), but Elite is just like, ok, go through the same story again so that you can begin playing the real Endgame.