AOM Devotion Shrine Locations?

I missed a couple, can someone please provide a list of where they are all at? This will help a lot of people. Thanks!

hope this link helps?



odd, so there are more shrines on Ultimate than on Elite?
I still wonder what is the point of so many shrines when the max is still 55. So that people can still get there without finding all of them?

yes the whole reason to have more shrines than that you can actual have, is just when you forgot or missed a shrine on a previous difficulty you can get it on the difficulty you are on.

and also for restoring a shrine it gives you some items when got 55 shrines restored.

That list is missing a second shrine in Ugdenbog. It’s in the unlisted cave where the plant miniboss is.

I think my guide is a bit more complete and also has pictures of where to go exactly.

great guides folks, appreciate the work!

one other nice thing about having more then you need is you can skip the ones that are really pricey. I understand the principle, but when I have to burn a rare relic (that takes 3 other relics to make), I’m usually skipping that one and going to the next. The nice thing about AoM shrines (so far) is the cheap cost. usually basic mats, or a nice group of elites to fight (and loot to get!).