AoM final boss?

What am I supposed to do about him? He spawns a bunch of stuff, I kill them, then I run at him, he does his Aoe and I get one-shot.

pls help :frowning:

git gud :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Improve your build if he’s seriously causing you this much trouble and stop trying to tank his projectile attacks.
I can do him w/o dying easily but that’s cause I know never to facetank a projectile attack.

Dodge the telegraphed attacks. :slight_smile:

What is your resistance to aether?

I have 80% resists.

Finally beat him after dying like 30 times. I could facetank him when he was just there hitting me, but all the projectile stuff melted me fairly quickly

You’re not supposed to tank those

His second form is the hardest, even with 88% aether resistance his devastation-like attack can trigger Menhir’s Will everytime. I love this fight though, finally something that feels like a real final boss.

i feel sorry for us not fighting log at prime…

anyway i really enjoyed the final aom boss fight, I made right decision to fight him on veteran first with horrible gear, got very high adtch on a necro but with mediocre aether res to see if i manage but ended up running like a bitch against all his forms . was totally worth it! :rolleyes:

I remember when Loggo first came out his acid puke was the most retarded thing I have ever witnessed, don’t know how did he do in testing :smiley:

My build had no problem until he started draining mana died about twice to that

For some reason I read your name as NextOrgy

Honestly this is the first time someone has read it that way, Ive seen people read it as NeonOrangy somehow

he’s not the only one… I am not dirty minded so I guess playing 24 hours straight ruined my eyes and polluted my brain:cry:

back to topic… the ending reminds me that this cant be the end of GD… hype is real for another DLC!

I died to his orb attack every time too. I just did hit and run after that.

Phase 2 and 3 were a breeze though. All you had to do was run around when he telegraphed his attacks, didn’t die even once.

Dirty mind as usual:rolleyes:

the boss is actually quite fun if you run it with 0% Aether Res at Ultimate with a non optimal equipped Melee Toon :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes: I didnt die but thats because Menhirs Will, Blade Barrier and Health Pots where used all the time :stuck_out_tongue:

final boss trolling Diablo 3 as well at least some similarities…

Phase 1 : Belial
Phase 2: Azmodan/Duriell
Phase 3: Malthael

then you can throw in Eketzul as Diablo but looks masculine this time

Once I realized I was actually playing a SHMUP it wasn’t too bad.

He can’t take his poison so i just dot him up and run around him saying lololololo , only way to die is by getting chain stunned by some adds :|.

Not a bad boss , but i bet ultimate has even tougher ones

Oooh, my poison and acid melee witch hunter is going to have so much fun with him then. Especially since by then it’s poison output will be even more stupidly large due to levelling up.

I guess it comes down to learning the fight’s mechanics, but I certainly wouldn’t mind cutting down the ammount of “stuff” going around in the room, both the adds and projetciles, it get’s visualy hectic combined with your own effects.
Probably will need to fight him a bunch of times on normal/elite to see what goes where and how, because on ultimate I gave up at 2nd phase and resorted to running around the room and dropping BWC and mines all over the place, waiting for the burn DoT to do it’s magic.