Apex Legends

Guys I can’t stop playing this game. :rolleyes: :rolleyes::rolleyes:

“apex legends is a battle royale game…” I didn’t read further

“Hello, IT. Have you tried turning it off and on again?”

I played it for about 45 minutes because a friend whined until I did…and then I uninstalled it.

I hope you’re enjoying it, but for me, the whole Battle Royale game? Not my thing.

Sigh, all of my friends are playing it now :frowning:

EDIT: except one, who’s playing Destiny.

I’d like to be able to play it, but needs a newer computer basically. And that’s low on the current "sht Mess needs" list, which is taken up by bike stuff, getting tramping boots resoled and sht breaking.

Username checks out


No sht :stuck_out_tongue: I’m naturally messy due to having ADHD, combine it with depression and I’ve only become more of a mess. And the current-fck-off-already depressive episode isn’t helping (soon to be 5 years long), since usually I’d have been back to semi-normal and working part or full time and have the money to get newer computer parts by now.

Oh well, thanks to the magic of spreadsheet based budgeting and afterpay I can get parts, just not until towards the end of this year. And then I’ll finally be able to play Apex Legends :stuck_out_tongue: And a bunch of other stuff (hello DOOM) lurking in my steam library that the franken-potato can’t run properly.

a clear sign you need friends with a taste in better games :slight_smile:

They are my friends because we get in touch and got things to discuss, despite not playing same games either temporarily or permanently.

Is this actually a game? I thought it was just a meme lmao. Well if it’s battle royale it’s off limits for me anyways.

I actually completely stopped playing after PoE Synthesis/GD FG and Outward came out.


my favourite teenage game