Apiary priority over farmers building farms is an issue

It now takes years to put down even the smallest farm. It’s like regular laborers don’t help out or something. Never took this long at release as I remember someone with a farm in year 1 or 2, then died because they didn’t have enough firewood from building so much stuff.

Edit: Started a farm in year 12, a 5x7 smaller farm. It’s now year 19 and still have 360 labor to go. It was never this slow.

Edit 2: Found the problem. Apiaries. Farmers are the only ones that harvest from the Apiaries and just a handful of them would monopolize all the farmers time and labor. As soon as I destroyed them (no way to turn them off) the farm was rapidly completed. Nowhere does it say Farmers were the ones doing the harvesting on these, I had always assumed it was laborers. It’s fine, but it’s the knowledge we need. It gives them something to do during planting/harvest times. Just don’t recommend having too many apiaries before you create your farms and only have 2-3 farmers.

Just built a farm twice the size in 2 years, which is how fast it worked before.

I think the solution is to change the priority of how Farmers work. They obviously will plant and harvest on time, moving produce to market might take a bit of time but it’s not too bad. But they put priority on the apiaries over building/expanding the farm. That should take priority until done, or give us a way to manual toggle on/off the apiaries from production like other buildings.

Also make it clear in the apiary description that it is farmers doing the work, not random laborers.

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