Apostate Help

Hello. I’ve played some 40 hours on my Apostate (first char) and generally had no problems sweeping through the campaign on veteran, clearing everything except for the Bastion of Chaos. I’ve started AoM today (still on normal), and I just keep dying. Carraxus Foul and Kra’vall are especially ridiculous. I really have no idea on what I can improve, so I’ll appreciate any and all the help I could get.

Here’s my build: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/qNYKWMrV

You don’t seem to be using any components on gear. These are a huge boost to defence and resistances. Try throwing some antivenom salves on and Carraxus will be much more manageable. These can be crafted at the blacksmith. You might also consider looking through the crafting list to see if other components catch your eye. Scaled hide is a nice one to increase armor absorb, warding stone, sanctified bone etc. Lots of goodies to use.

Also a lot of boss in AoM area reduce your resistances too, like Carraxus can, and it is a debuff which can cause incoming damage to spike high if you are not prepared.

I never actually bothered with components, but I feel like I’ve discovered a whole new layer to the game, despite always collecting them anyway. Got components on all of my shit, barely die anymore. Thanks.