Approximate expansion release date and pricing?

That’s the thing tho… just because you say that it’s fair does not make it fair. I certainly don’t see it being “fair” at all. I can assure you tho that me being the only one thinking it’s not fair would be the least of their worries if they went with your plan. I’m only one person… I can’t be expected to troll everyone that comes here spitting fire on my own after they pull such a move. I’m good. Just not THAT good.

Case in point: There are actually quite a number of people who think that even the Crucible is too EXPENSIVE at a 5$ freaking dollar pricepoint. I actually wanted them to charge more for it but I already knew that people in general were morons so I didn’t bother suggesting they go higher since I already knew there would be plenty to still think it was too much.

The problem is that a lot of people don’t see it that way. General rule is that expansions are always cheaper than the base game, so selling the expansion for the same price as the base game will anger a lot of people.

seeing i probably end up buying a few copies…you could give some of those away too.

It seems that many people already want to help with “xpack give away” :D:):slight_smile:

Well, since so few people have slain Krieg, imagine how many killed him with a twinked character, in Veteran without hitting 11 level! When i got that one and saw an “Epic 0.6%”, boy was i surprised!

Hadn’t my stupid pc been overheating and shutting down in like 10 minutes of gameplay, now i would have like 3 characters at max level already… But i am forced to go at a snail’s pace.

Well, i wouldn’t have a problem with an expensive price tag, truth be said… Especially since it will be a fully fledged, real expansion and not some measly, meager DLC. Doubly so, since my favorite characters are debuting inside it. I hoped to learn in advance so as to plan ahead. I can squeeze myself alright, cutting off other things that aren’t actually necessary much! :cool: It’s just that knowing in detail earlier is very effective in keeping track and micromanaging anything, especially expenses!