Approximate expansion release date and pricing?

I know it is generally not considered “polite” to ask about such things, but i would be grateful. I plan to get the complete Grim Dawn experience and due to tight economic situation at present, i really need to plan ahead and reserve the green beforehand… :cool:

Don’t know the release date, but i’ll bet the price will be around 15 bucks. I doubt it will be more expensive than the base game which is 4 acts long and it’s 25 bucks.

Unfortunately even Crate themselves cannot give you a release date as the expansion isn’t in testing yet and until then there’s no idea what bugs will be found, how long it will take to fix the bugs and then see if any new bugs have cropped up while fixing the first bugs.

Sorry for not being able to give any better reply

It will be released when it’s ready. The longer they take the more polished the expansion will be and possibly extra content. :smiley:

Well, we can still give him a guesstimate based off what we do know. What we knows is this: Near the end of May medierra stated that things were going well and on track and that there was roughly 2 months more of development for the expansion. That lands us at around (or just before) August. After that it will require a testing period… which I would guess (if things go well) would be another month or two. This depends also on if they wait that full 2 months to give it to the testers or if they push it to them a little bit before everything is considered “done”.

My guess based on current information: September/October, roughly.

Pricing has not been discussed but as the others above have said Grim Dawn Vanilla is $25. Zantai has stated that the expansion offers 1/3 the content of the base game. You can draw conclusions with that information on what the price point will be. Between $10-20 seems likely. If you must budget yourself I’d set aside at least $20 for the expansion and strive to obtain GD Vanilla on sale (assuming you haven’t acquired the base game yet nevermind just noticed your name, you already have the base game :slight_smile: ). 50% off is not unheard of and there is still potential to see it hit some type of nice sale between now and then.

You will probably also discern a noticeable lack of comments by testers to peoples questions about the expansion (release speculations and such, as I’m doing here) once it goes in to testing. We tend to clam up more during those times on such topics. By order of the Peaky Blinders! (seriously, Zantai is just absolutely brutal, total dictator) Remember kids, this is decidedly NOT a Democracy.

The observant person may then gather that “something” is up before Crate announces officially it is in testing. Tho they usually announce it in the Misadventures not long after (at least as far as major, much anticipated releases go).

if you want to buy/get the xpack but not sure if you have the money by then, make sure to watch a stream of mine when the xpack is released I am planning to do a few xpack give aways :wink:

Hmm… if you remember around that time remind me… I’ll buy a few to give to you to add to the “giveaway” pile. Be a cool idea actually to wrangle up “donations” from anyone else who wants to contribute to it.

sure thing, would be cool to make a huge event around it :slight_smile:

Depending how rich (hahahaha) I am at the time I might be able to contribute a few pence towards this :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the replies! Well, i am going to reserve some green anyway and i am getting it absolutely. I wasn’t seeking for a gift code, just for info; i am one of those stubborn old timers who want to get their stuff through their own labor :o

though i respect that you want to buy it on your own, i am giving a heads-up for other people who are maybe less-financed and could use some help with a give away :wink:

I can’t remember last time i was so hyped for an expansion/game. It makes me feel young ( or maybe i never grew up)

all my excitement for the GD expac went down the drain after I’ve seen the D3 necro. The fast paced gameplay and all the amazing sets Blizzard offered along with the diverse builds that come with it… definetely worth the asking price of 15 bucks. :wink:

My sarcasmometer just exploded (or at least i think it was sarcasm else my sarcasmometer is just broken)

Count me in guys, will gladly contribute couple of xp copies

Why everyone bets on 15$? Dollar per amount of content is not a constant.

The expansion has been developed really quickly compared to the base game, with more developers involved. It is also going to sell less copies compared to the 1M+ for vanilla, so you have to aim higher to get a bit of revenue. I think 25$ would be fine honestly.

You have to remember that 50% of the Steam players did not slay the Warden and 75% did not finish Normal. I expect 250 000 copies sold for the expansion.

I bet on a value somewhere between 10-20.

Personally, I doubt that Crate is going to charge the same rate as the base game. I could be totally wrong, naturally, but I don’t think so and your logic in reaching this conclusion just feels… off.

While I would be fine no matter which way they go, I can already see the shitstorm that would occur if they applied your reasoning, “Guys, we have guesstimated that we won’t sell as many xpac copies as base game copies we’ve sold, smashing success story btw, and since we have more devs, some working on the “secret project”, in order to get higher revenue all you who do purchase the xpac have to pick up the slack of everyone who doesn’t buy it by paying the same amount as the base game. So, less content but same price. Cheers, Crate.”

Yup, that’s gunna go over well.

Personally, I’ve already paid more than $25 for the expansion. When I bought the Loyalist Edition it sold for $85 on the website (now $65). So, base game = $25. They sell the Loyalist Upgrade containing the cosmetics for $10 on Steam. There’s $35 out of $85. That leaves whatever we imagine the Crate Story, the Map, and the Soundtrack to be worth. Lets tag that as another $10, no more than $15 (underselling these items? who knows). Puts us at about $45-50 leaving me with roughly $35-40 that I paid for the xpac. Plus factor in that others can buy it for cheaper ($20 dollars cheaper no less) at the moment (and have for a while now).

I’m not mad… this was my choice to support them and help make the expac a reality. Even given all that I would still say that people would have the right to be extremely salty if Crate pulled a dick move like that.

A lot of people are going to be pissed if the expansion costs the same as the base game. I know some people would be fine with paying the same they paid for the base game, but a lot of people like to use the amount of content as a measure of the pricing of a game.

Selling an expansion for the same price as the base game when the expansion clearly has less content would not be a good a idea in my opinion. 15 bucks to me is the right price, with 20 being the max price.

The expansion has less content obviously, but still a significant amount.

  • 2 more classes means we go from 15 possible combinations to 8!/2!6! = 28 combinations, in that regard the expansion adds as much content.
  • one extra act, we do not know its exact size so we cannot judge, but from the streams it should be quite a big act.
  • there is a huge amount of new items on top of whatever we already had that gets mythical versions. I think on this matter we get as much content as the base game again.

I am not saying the expansion should/will make as much revenue/copies as the base game. I am saying if it has the same price as the base game it’s fair because it adds a lot of content and 25$ for vanilla was a steal in my opinion.