Arcanist and Devotion


This is my first playthrough. I am playing on Veteran, self-found.

I am currently rolling DW Nightblade who later will turn Spellbreaker.

I will go for pierce / physical dmg (some cold dmg as an added benefit but nothing to really struggle for).

She is low level (14) and got a point in Dual Blades and 5 points in Belgotian Shears. One point in Pneumatic Burst.

Waiting for Execution (5 points).

I have noticed CC and AoE are a must. So, CC will be from OFF and for the time being AoE from BS.

Now to the point:

  • this whole devotion thing - I know I shall take what I lack in skills and equipment but playing self-found I can never tell what I come across, so I think I will pick up only survivability perks, like +HP and resistances. Do you think its a good approach? or maybe I should go for something elses? what bonuses would you recommend?

And how long shall I play single class? I feel I could really use soe cc now and I think it is only going to be tougher from here on…So maybe grab Arcanist earlier for OFF?