Arcanist Buff idea: make Star Pact and RP exclusive only to each other


  • Shouldn’t be difficult to implement, presumably just swap the “can’t use if other Exclusive active” tag with “can’t use if RP/Star Pact is active” tag

  • Only affects Battlemage, Druid, and Warlock classes. Granted Warlock is in a somewhat decent place already (only because Occultist is so good; even then Warlock doesn’t compare to Conjurer/Witch Hunter/Witchblade). If it becomes a problem then Possession can be nerfed (that skill is OP compared to other Exclusives IMO).

  • Both Battlemage and Druid have gotten the sh*t end of the stick as far as efficacy/variety of builds go. Yes, TSS Druid is strong, but only because of strong gear in place supporting it, and even then it’s no BWC Sorc. Every other build a Druid can do, another class combo can do better. Similar problem with Battlemage.

  • By doing this, Battlemage, Druid and Warlock get significant power spikes, as well as more of an identity to separate them from other class combos. Stormcaller’s + Star Pact gives a strong incentive for Lightning caster builds to compete with Sorcerer ​and Elementalist. Reckless Power + Possession + Clairvoyant for a buff to cool Flat Aether builds with Warlock, or Star Pact + Possession for lower CD Doom Bolts to compete with Conjurers higher DPS ones. Menhir’s Bulwark + Star Pact for extra tanky through reduced CD Overguard, Oleron’s + Star Pact for stronger reduced CD Blitzes and Forcewaves, Menhir’s + Reckless for tanky CT builds, the list goes on.

I’m arguing that not only would this change open up possibilities and excitement for Warlock/Battlemage/Druid (that currently don’t seem to exist), but they would also FEEL more Warlocky/Battlemagey/Druidy.

I’d love to hear reasons against this change if people have any, or if there’s any other feedback!

EDIT - I almost forgot the most important reason…

  • The Aetherstorm Set skill bonuses would finally make sense :slight_smile:

I don’ think it will ever happen. I understand you want Star pact+Storm pact but that would be a bit OP.:rolleyes:

CDR on doom bolt, amen to that. Hopefully xpac will bring gear with mods like that.

Better buff the skills themselves somehow

I love you and your builds and advice, but I’ll have to respectfully disagree. I think you’re just making a gut reaction that it would be too strong and not comparing to other classes.

How would Storm + Star make a Druid build OP compared to other builds? Would it be OP compared to a BWC Sorc? A DEE Witch Hunter or Witchblade? An SJ Elementalist? An SS Spellbreaker? Your Vitality Conjurer? Druids still are using on average 30-40 less RR than other classes.

Buffing the skills themselves buffs Sorcs and Spellbreakers as well and doesn’t address the class imbalances between them and Druids/Battlemages.

Ultos druid is very strong for example and can finish crucible quite well. Druid being weak refers probably to TSS druid being weak and that is kinda true and a shame.

Druids and bmages could usereliable rr sources. Wind devil rr was nefed and i can’t really understand why.

I still find BM to be more bearable than Druids

Especially with some recent changes

This is true, but that leads to my other point that whatever Druid can do another class can do better. Do you think that Ultos Druid build is better than the Ultos Elementalist or even Ultos Conjurer?

I don’t mind TSS even currently because even though it’s comparatively weaker than other builds, it’s still pretty strong and more importantly (IMO) it’s something Druid does better than other classes (although it’s mainly because of gear support, and a TSS Sorc with Warpfire may be better, but w/e I’ll take it). That being said, Storm + Star would make it much more competitive.

I agree Wind Devil could use more love (and it’s been getting some), but better RR would also buff Elementalists, which are already pretty strong.

A lot of it comes down to itemization, not class skills. For example, if instead of Warpfire we had Warpaether, with elemental->aether conversion, stackable aether RR and DA debuff, and +2 class skills, you’d hear less complaining about Druids/Bmages and more about Sorcs.

A quick glance through most the top builds demonstrates that a few key OP items (Warpfire, Siegebreaker, etc) have been almost as responsible for driving the current endgame meta as class skills themselves. It would be simpler and less disruptive to adjust item stats than skill stats, to tweak overused items down and underused items up. Just look at the Beronath change this patch to see the impact of itemization on builds.

That said, xpac itemization will completely upend the conventional wisdom about class balance anyway, so the topic is mostly moot.

In Crucible yes. In main Campaign no the others are better.

I’m not saying druids don’t need a buff (since ultos shouldn’t be the only option, TSS should be too). I’m just saying that crate won’t buff them this way based on principle. But they could buffs other ares to achieve the same results.

Also what shiv said about xpac gear. There are some cool modifiers we’ve seen already that would help TSS for example. Who knows what’s in store

This seems like an overly complex way to buff underpowered classes, I’d rather they just fix the issues facing those combinations rather than messing with the “Exclusive” mechanic.

Fair enough, I guess we’ll see how Crate handles it in the xpac. I just hope they do handle it.

For the record though, there’s nothing complex about my suggestion or the “exclusive” mechanic. Exclusive just means if you take one, you can’t take the others. My suggestion is if you take one, you can’t take the other one. If I can sum it up concisely in 2 sentences, it’s not complex.

The mechanic itself isn’t complex but it adds complexity to the game without much benefit. It would be different from all other mastery 50 “exclusives” and it would be the only pair of abilities that are mutually exclusive, and again, its doing so only to get around proper mastery balance.

How was Wind Devil (Raging Tempest) RR nerfed?

From what I can tell it still applies.

Using Star Pact and Stormcaller’s Pact together is a longstanding fantasy of mine, but I don’t think they’re gonna make exclusve skills non-exclusive anytime soon. :frowning:

They lowered the total amount it reduced

You mean the change? That was pretty much across the board. It’s been like that for a while.

From my TSS druid experience. Overall performance is OK.
[IMO : Offensive is ok-nearly good, but defensive is poor]
While Ultos Druid from mad_lee is very good.

I’m fine with current Star Pact. Storm Pact is a little bit underpower for me because it will only shine with high OA and many dmg source.
So I think the problems may occurs in specific build more than entire class

Here is what I suggest to TSS druid casters should get.
It may add to some items of the set or specific relic/accessory.

  • [li] Make it tankier [/li]- Can fumble around enemies
    - Create ice armor to absorb the physical and fire attack.
    - Summon high threat pet. Skyforge golem or something like that
    - get AoE reduce dmg debuff

    [li] Make it more flexible[/li]- Create ice block. Blocking the path from enemies and boss to make melee attack. Example make a block around targets. So the boss won’t run away too far and unable to melee caster for a time.
    - Exclusive movement skill like “Trozan’s Strike --> like shadow strike but change animation to become fallen comet then self reappear after it lands on the ground”

    [li] Make it deal more dmg [/li]- Add -X% Lightning resistance. // Because spellbreaker TSS caster already good at cold+has cold RR. So the TSS druid should be good at lightning and get the same lightning RR too.
    - Add stacking amplify mechanic. Like If TSS lands on the same target, It’ll do more dmg/guarantee crit/higher crit dmg.
    - Add procs marked. Leave a marked to targets, when they recieve dmg from specific skills/dmg type : There is a chance of 50% create lightning bolt or a skyshard to target.