Arcanist Constellation Questions

So im on my first character which is a battlemage currently level 58. Using magic missile + devastation right now with a couple tank skills and the huge damage boost one in soldier but im having trouble with constellations right now.

Could anyone recommend good constellations for this build to me? So far i’ve decided i want to go for tree of life and the spear of the heavens eventually. Right now i’m just using imp+scales and a couple others for the time being. Focusing on aether/elemental damage but most likely will end up doing pure aether i think but im not completely sure since ive noticed things have pretty hefty resistance to aether especially in act 1 and parts of act 2. Any tips would be nice, thanks.

Rhowan’s Crown for Elemental Storm is always helpful, deals good elemental damage and has a serious resistance debuff. Very good on PRM, elevates the skill immensely.

Magi for Fissure is apparently an amazing room clearer as well, haven’t tried it yet. I’d put it on Devastation.

Debuffing Aether resistance is pretty tricky, but a lot of your equipment will likely end up with both bonuses to Aether and Elemental damage so I wouldn’t worry too much. As a PRM/Devastation arcanist, you’ll be dealing a ton of different kinds of damage that can deal with many kinds of enemies.

If you’re lucky enough to find it, the Warpfire dagger does have an Aether/Fire debuff, as well as a cheeky cold to fire conversion that lets the arcanist do some fun stuff with flash freeze and skyshard. Really not required though.