Arcanist Feedback(new info)

you can watch the new changes here:
Quick feedback:
~OA on overload is nice
~%racial damage on FoR is probably a mistake
~No RR keeps arcanist in trash tier.

edit: The changes to Reckless power are also a joke. I still don’t want to use it.

what?! no wall of text? :open_mouth:

You forgot about the Maiven’s changes

how was the racial dmg on FoB a mistake if arcanist is still trash tier?

You’re right, my bad. That was a good change.
@malawiglenn I’m not bothering with that much effort when I already know zantai ignores anything I say. Even if it’s right.

Get outta here snowman this here’s my praetorian turf

Heph is working for the Aetherials you know

IMO Racial damage is either
A. Not enough to bring a build up to par
B. A defining aspect that makes a build overpowered.
In this case builds that can cough up enough RR to run arcanist get too much of a boost and it’s not great if you don’t already have good RR.
It’s a good attempt at a change to balance at arcanist’s core issue without actually changing arcanist’s core issue. Lack of RR.


damn br0 ok

This has literally no value for the devs. Basically, this thread can be deleted as you’re giving a feedback on something you didn’t try at all. Why are you even trying to talk on something you have no clue about?

Because he is the allmighty Heph of course

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I’m pretty sure I know how math works and I understand how different elements effect different masteries, especially given how they currently play.
If you’re allergic to peanuts and someone offers you a peanut are you going to eat it?
“But you havn’t even tried it bro. they’re great”

Thanks for understanding.

Can you help with some nasty problems I have in Differential Topology? :open_mouth:

According to doom zantai is a genius. Check with him first :^)

He’s more of a power bottom he don’t know much about anything top related :face_with_monocle:

When did you learn how these forums work? :open_mouth:

shhhh don’t tell him.


We’re missing mad_lee and Ya, but they’re banned from posting in my threads as I am in theres.