Arcanist first in Warlock build?

I’m using Albrecht’s Aether Ray Arcanist: Three Builds in B26 (Pure Arcanist, Sorcerer, Warlock) as reference for my first build and wonder if it is feasible to start out as Arcanist first.

I plan to use:

  • Panetti’s Replicating Missile - main damager dealer until AAR -> Tainted Power + Disintergration for single target and Devastation for group becomes available.
  • Callidor’s Tempet --> Wrath of Agrivix + Olexra’s Flash Freeze - crowd control
  • Mirror of Ereoctes for ‘oh noes’ moments.
  • Maiven’s Sphere of Protection + Blood of Dreeg for extra survivability
  • Sigil of Consumption + Curse of Frailty for buff and debuff

What are the pros and cons that you can think off?

no cons. maxing out flash freeze is the best way to go.

Do you think I should max Flash Freeze before anything else or at a certain point after enough skill points in Missiles and/or buffs/debuffs?

Flash Freeze + whichever Materia granted single target skill of choice.

Absolutely works. Max flash freeze, grab Fireblast from searing ember at lvl 7, then Empowered Fireblast from Flintcore bolts at lvl 15. This combo will last you forever and let you focus on mastery; pour points into it until you have what you want. No need for panettis.

@jabs I miss FF7 :slight_smile: !
@Adrius Flash Freeze + Curse of Frailty + Fire spells sounds awesome for mobs. Any suggestions on how to handle Bosses? Should I go straight for AAR as soon as possible?

Don’t have much experience with AAR but I imagine either that or go for Devastation :slight_smile:

There just doesn’t seem to be any other single target dealing skills for Arcanist. Any skills from item that can substitute for Boss-killing so I can focus on maxing Flash Freeze and mastery first?

What I can think of is Doom Bolt. I saw the Rover vendor selling an item that grants this skill. Never tried it though so can’t comment much.