Arcanist needs a heal spell

Arcanists have no healing abilities, so they have to rely on regeneration and potions, and possibly borrow from other masteries. They also can’t rely on life steal since their attack spells don’t have much weapon damage. Having such poor sustainability makes it very hard to not die as an arcanist, and forces you to constantly kite until your health potion recharges.

Arcanist have 2 very good damage absorption spells.

Mirror of ereoctes and Maiven’s Sphere of Protection

And you have Nullification which you can use.

Good thing you can pick two masteries.

If you’re not getting a heal from your second mastery, devotions provide powerful options in the form of Giant’s Blood, Wayward Soul and Healing Rain. Failing both of those, items exist.

If i’m levelling a character that started as an Arcanist, i always make a beeline for either Giant’s Blood or Wayward Soul, chances are i plan on using one or both anyway in my final build.

Good thing there are devotions that can heal your char.

One could maybe even use a second mastery AND some defensive devotion stuff. Now that sounds like a good idea. :rolleyes:

[In b4 “But I wanna use just one mastery!” Mimimi…]