Arcanist/shaman new to game

I’ve been playing with a build that I’m finding quite fun, but not sure how it will work long term:

Missile is my main attack, freeze skill for freezing enemies to run away
Briarthorn for some protection/distraction
The shaman hp regen buff for survivability

Basically that’s what I’ve got so far. Just started act 2 on veteran and I’m surviving most enemies/bosses… might have to try two times on some bosses (usually the ones that resist cold because I can’t freeze and run off to regen)…

Any thoughts on this, how viable does it look long term? Been putting my stat points into spirit and phys, almost equally

You might want to check out this guide if you want to play a pet hybrid style:

I guess at this point I’m wondering if briarthorn is useful, if so, how much do I invest in it. The guide you posted didn’t really help since it’s occultist/arcanist

If you want to stay as Druid you should focus on cold/lightning spells, because that’s what Druid is best at.

The Briarthorn can be great if you don’t need it for damage, late game (unless you really want to go pet focused). It provides valuable CC. If you do decide to go more pet oriented, you can use Arcanist’s IEE to convert your pet damage to elemental, and then summon the primal spirit for a nice nuke.

That being said, this game likes to punish hybrid. Try to stick to one, maybe two focuses. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the tips. I ended up ditching briarthorn once I finished a1. I grabbed a few more spells and am working towards a build where I bring the sky down upon my enemies