Archive error


Just getting into modding Grim Dawn, and whilst extracting the game files I keep encountering “archivetool.exe has stopped working”.

Is this a problem?

Can anyone help? Thank you

I got the same error, both on steam and GoG version of the game.
Seems like \gdx1\resources\Levels.arc is corrupted, somehow, or perhaps the archivtool had a too small buffer to depack the world map.
Is anyone able to extract this file without an error?

maybe the directory is too long, try moving the .arc file into a short directory.

I managed to extract the Levels.arc after several tries and a bit of luck! :smiley:

I have the same issue know. Seems it’s always in the same place, after some Celestial Totem file if I’m not mistaken.
I reinstalled the game and issue remains. Unpacked many times.

Maybe there’s a bugged file that makes ArchiveTool.exe crash?

Anyway, it’s not a problem for me, I can still make modifications, I’m just curious.