Are bi-elemental builds viable endgame?

Well, I haven’t played since before AoM launch (my GPU died and then I couldn’t play GD anymore). I’m planning on doing a self-found chaos & vitality Cabalist but I don’t know if I’ll be able to itemize in the endgame to a point where the points I invested in vitality or chaos doesn’t feel useless.

Also, is it worth it to invest in flat damage for low weapon damage% skills?

Sure! Though some combinations are more viable than others. For example, your Chaos/Vit Cabalist would become Vit/Chaos instead (focus on Vit instead of Chaos) because Vit has more support as a primary damage type.

As long as you can get decent boosts and resistance reduction for both damage types, yeah. Trozan’s set is almost an even split between cold and lightning.

As x1x1x1x2 said, some damage types do pair better than others, but vitality/chaos is very well supported so that won’t be an issue for you.

It’s viable, but harder in gearing and RR. Most of the time, you want it to be in different proportion, for example 2:1 fire to lightning damage proportion.

Some archetype can do 2 damage equally like trozan set (cold+lightning) and triple elemental build (cold+lightning+fire).

Allagast set can do 2 damage (aether+lightning) but harder to get good RR.

IMO good multi-damage build can be done using triple elemental and trozan only, others should stay with one damage type only.

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S&b bleed witchblade actually has a good amount of physical and you could easily build a hybrid with just a slight devotion change from the ‘pure’ bleed build. Still not as equal in terms of damage type focus than Trozan, though.

@ OP: Yes, they are. Doing TSS for example would be a viable bi-elemental end game build.

You could also do what I did and use IEE and the inqui WPS line to make a somewhat tri-elemental build

It is actually advised that you have a secondary damage type because some enemies are very resistant against one damage type e.g., Chthonians against chaos damage, Aetherials against aether damage, etc.

There are several builds you can try if you want to make more than one damage type. Fire - aether devastation, physical - lightning warder, fire - ice infiltrator, etc.

It’s all a matter of resist reduction. For most builds your best bet is to focus on a single damage type and maximize RR for that damage type. “Elemental” damage (fire, lighting, and cold) is a natural group which has a lot of sources of %RR (Crown, Viper, Ultos, Wind Devil, Aura of Censure, etc.), so it’s an exception to this rule.

If you get some secondary damage type, cool, but it shouldn’t be a focus of any build, IMO. Without good RR it’s not worth any intentional investment.

Outside of the fire, lightning and cold combinations I wouldn’t bother.

There’s really no need to have a secondary damage type at all in this game, there are almost no immune enemies. The only one I can think off right now is void leeches that are immune to vitality, and that is a very easy resistance to reduce, perhaps the easiest of all.

Generally, I go for single damages and if I pile of damage and RR to a secondary damage, then great.

I think the last time I actually considered more than one damage from the beginning was Chaos/Fire due to lack of gear for the Chaos side meaning I had to branch into Fire and because it’s easy to stack RR for both with Thermite Mine/Hellfire Mine, Eldritch Fire and Agonizing Flames/Manticore.