Are items skills effected by player skills?

Hey everyone!
I made an account just to ask a simple question. Today in my game play session I found an item “Circlet of burning rage” or something along those lines. Well it gives a chance to cast Blackwater Cocktail on attack (Something like 5%). My question is… would the items skill be affected by my characters skills in that particular skill? So for example: If I have the skill maxed out or even the addons to the skill will it effect the damage output?


No, the granted skill of the Circlet of Burning Rage is a separate skill. It functions like Blackwater Cocktail from Demolitionist without modifiers.

The nice thing is, that the OA debuffs stack:

Buffs, Debuffs and Damage over Time
[…] For buffs with a duration that are applied from equipment procs, the effects are independent and will stack.

This works similarly for debuff effects. […]

Ahhh interesting. So it could be useful in that regard. I figured that was the case but wanted to make sure before I changed my build completely to use it. Thanks!

But the Circlet has an attack dealing “100 Reduced target’s Offensive Ability For 5 Seconds”, not a debuff lasting 5 seconds with “-100 OA” so it does not stack.