Are Krieg pieces dropping in 3.1?

I’ve yet to see a single piece, in over a hundred T + V runs.

Yup. One of my friends farmed 4/5 pieces last night and is now just hunting down the hat.

I found all of them in 1.02, died, then found another full set + 3 backups in 1.03. It’s not uncommon for me to do 20-30 runs without finding one though, you just have to keep at it. Try mixing in a run in elite every now and then, I’ve actually had pretty good success finding them in elite, I even found one piece while I was leveling in elite and was only 82.

remember that you need to hit up fleshweaver K also, can get 2 of the pieces from him.

Took about 6 hours of nonstop farming to get the full set for my Death Knight.

Wife was pissed…

Huh, I thought these only drop from Fleshweaver Krieg. They can drop from the regular one too?

No, only the Fleshweaver one.

T, V, and FK each drop different pieces of the set.

Ternon - Boots

Valaxteria - Gloves and shoulders

Fleshweaver Krieg - Chest and helm

Yes, they still drop. I’ve farmed the full set in the weekend.

These were my farming stats:

13 Terrnox runs to get the boots
34 Valaxteria runs to get two shoulder pieces and the gloves
49 Fleshweaver Krieg runs to get chest and helm

I finally got all of them but the Helm.

The Helm must have a complete bollocks drop rate - I’ve gotten 6 chests in all my runs runs. ;/

If it makes you feel any better, I have 5 helms and only got 1 chest.

Funnily enough, the helm was the only item from the set to drop for me so far… and I was looking forward to getting the set relatively easily.

No free lunch in Grim Dawn :smiley: