Are lower level legendary weapons useful at higher levels?

For example, the Havoc is a level 50 legendary pistol. Is it’s damage still on par with level 75 legendary pistols?

Are you forced to give up the good legendary effect of a lower level weapon later on?

The difference between 50 and 75 Legendaries isn’t that big.

58 average damage vs 63 average damage.

The sheer amount of flat damage most weapon based builds get dillutes the difference for most weapons from what I seen.

That entirely depends on the build. For certain weapons, there is a higher level item with very similar stats that is flat out superior (Stonefist Rebuke vs Leviathan), but some builds don’t have a lv75 weapon that fits them, but a lv50 weapon that does. The higher weapon damage and stats are not negiligble, but the proerties and granted skills make up for it in some cases. For instance, my Bleed Trickster uses Bloodsong and Butcher of Burrwitch - I could replace the lv50 Butcher with a Brutallax for some more damage, but the healing proc on the Butcher is very much worth keeping imo.
In general, legendaries are very unique and ave a niche that they can fit, independant of lvlrequirement.

I still use many different lower level Legendary weapons on characters.

Thanks for the replies.

Don’t plan on replacing my deviltounge in the off hand