Are mods safe to download

Hi everyone. As a newcomer to Grim Dawn, I am enjoying it thoroughly! I am working through Ultimate and now have eyes on some of the cool mods but worry about downloading a virus or something harmful onto my computer.
Is there a way to know what downloads are safe and those to stay away from?

Any mods listed here should be fine.

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Generally, if any mods and tools posted about and linked to are on Crate’s forum you can be reasonably sure they are fine. If anything were found to be malicious in nature Crate would remove it promptly.

If your antivirus tries to block anything you are almost certainly seeing a false-positive. This is normal behavior for AV software/heuristics and you need to learn to be able to tell the difference and use your own judgement in such cases.

Any mod is safe as a mod is essentially data, not an executable. So for a mod to be potentially harmful first Crate would have to have some kind of exploit in GD and then someone must have found that exploit and come up with a clever way to abuse it in a mod.

While this is maybe not impossible, there are definitely better ways to breach a system than doing so via GD, so I doubt anyone would even bother looking.

There is Lua, so that is probably the most potentially easy and potent way in, not sure what libraries are available there, so if you want to be entirely safe, stay away from ‘unknown’ mods with a scripts.arc (you still should be safe with mods you find here).

That being said, this leaves executables like Grim Internals and some other tools. As was mentioned, if you find the tool / mod on this forum or some of the big modding sites (ModDB, Nexus) you should safe.

Thank you all for the replies! Time to try out some mods!!!

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