Are pet builds the game's easy mode?

We can easily fix this, just make every pet scale with pet bonuses :slight_smile:
Definitely not Maya alt :scorv:


@maya will buy you some ice cream for the idea :wink:

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Mortar Traps and Wind devils too??

Would be fun lol

Wouldn’t making all pet-scaled pets scale on player stats be better though? Not that it’ll happen for GD but it’d be an interesting prospect for GD2. We might actually see Winter King Tricksters running around with player-scaled Briarthorns/Primal Spirits one day!



Cold Infiltrator is the game’s easy mode.

And once you use that to get enough gear, you then go into super EZ-mode:
Banana beating Crucible 150-170 by walking around and not attacking anything at all.

I am playing that one myself, as some kind of “guide review” and you definitely need good piloting skills to pull if off in a similar way as Professor Banana does.

I still think one my next beginner build guides will take the “easy mode” into the next level of memeness :slight_smile:

Let me guess, class name starts with ‘‘C’’ and finishes with onjurer? :wink: Or you are gonna do retal as well?

But easy mode helps players with getting into game, finding bosses and enjoying your strength. So certainly it’s good for new players to have these options. And pets offers very different and unique experience.

Not sure I agree pet builds are easy. It’s just relatively lately that pet builds monopolized the niche of deep SR super tanks that don’t even bother measuring performance in Crucible. But those guys who actually did those SR120+ know it was everything but easy.

Before that time, chaos pets based on Witching Hour were the very fastest steamroller glass cannons and some of the most skill demanding builds to pilot (had to control movement of both the summoner and - for max DPS - also the pets). Even now making a fast pet build is super hard.

No beef but the broader perspective would be that all endgame builds trivialize 90% of what the game has to offer.

Pets kill celestials and go deep in SR easier than others. At the cost of clear times. That’s all.

How do you measure that? How much weight do you assign getting to level 100? What amount of % is that for instance? I’d say its 5%

I deny it, I still claim vitality casters as THE easy mode.

So how is that 90% of what the game has to offer being quantified here? Game offers 36 dual mastery classes for instance, how can pet builds trivialize that? Am I supposed to make a pet commando?

That is why it is important to be happy about it and making celebration threads :slight_smile:


Stupid 10 chars

Not a Commando, but …

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So, who started this? In fact, that behavior is called “baiting” IIRC

You are still most welcome to explain how 90% of what the game has to offer is to be quantified according to you. What the game has to offer is subjective to a high extent.

I still think, that even for a fresh noob - a vitality caster will carry them much further than what a pet build would (unless they are willing to spend some time reading and following guides of course). Hence vitality caster is THE easy mode, imo.

Pets do not trivialize things, there are some aspects that make them easier and more forgiving in nature than other build archetypes, but there are also things that make them harder (in particular on the theory side of things).

I mean you did not even know that damage dealing devotions can be binded to pets and thus scale with +%pet dmg, or that Mogdrogen devotion is used in generic pet builds for the speed proc. You could also argue “well I did not even have to know those things, my pet build performed great anyway” and that is fine - I can tell you basically the same with vitality casters (which I have helped quite a few ppl with gearing and building up), even though they had no idea what kinds of RR stacks, importance of DA, armor absorb, over-capping resistances etc, they still manage to plow through content after content just because of the nature of vitality damage and life steal (and did I mention the easily accessible Dark One set, and easy to farm MI’s?). BUT they did not had to bother with either kiting nor finding and fiddling with gear that provides defensive stats for themselves AND stats for their pets.

Helping noobs with pet builds is too complicated for me, too many things to explain and for them to remember xD That is one reason why I consider vitality builds to be THE easy mode.


Ice Cream bought, but was eaten right after image

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Now as for the thread itself, I think I will stay out of this one and just enjoy the popcorn. Also, the best way to find out whether something is easy or hard is to just do it yourself and see. That way, no need to bicker back and forth about whose opinion is correct :yum:

Now then,


Pet mode=ice cream mode confirmed


The biggest issue I currently have with pet builds is the fact that pets can be very fragile, especially the Skeletons and for example also the Revenant of Og’Napesh.
Despite high resistances and defensive ability etc. they too often die like flies. It is just not fun anymore. Pets seem to be particularly vulnerable to certain AOE spells/curses. I am sure this has been talked about, but the issue still exists in the game.
For as long as the skeletons and other pets don’t get a reasonable defensive buff, I cannot play pet builds again, sadly.

Well, I think you can literally say this about MOST characters too. How often do we here stories about a character tanking eveything and then suddenly gets one-shot. I don’t think the phenomena you describing is singular to pets. It’s a part of the game everywhere. This is why when I see someone post “What is a HC build that can survive everything” I’ll usually say, “None.” If I’m feeling generous I’ll give a reason for it. There are certainly some builds that come close to being nigh invulnerable. And Skeletons (pet wise) are like OFF and Blade Trap. They aren’t necessarily meant for end game. You can fully and comfortable level a character to 100 in campaign using Skeletons.

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After just finishing 3 different pet characters with their 3 sets that match, I have to say no they are not easy! When you have the sets oh yes they become easier! Are they the easy mode? Hell no! Tell me, can any pet build beat either lokaar, ravager, mogdrogen, callagadra or crate? NO! It requires alot more things to be added to the build! Not just legendarys, but skills and various devotions, many of which detract from the pets… Really any character you make in this game can not simply walk in and beat any of the fore mentioned bosses! No character can be simply made by maxing out said skills you want and going on to beat all the super bosses! I think the problem here is many of you are min/maxers and have forgotten what it’s like to just play the game! This game is not easy and requires (to my displeasure) min/maxing to beat all the super bosses… If all it required was get a set and max out all skills from set then everyone would have stopped playing ages ago! The fact you can at least do everything else in the game without min/maxing (for me anyway) makes this game awesome! Are pets the easist? With just about all classes that if you select a skill that kills quick it will trump any pet in elite up! Pets are one of the toughest to make and least beneficial for end game due to limited options for skills and items. When you get items they can be fun but the same problem is always there. Constant recasting of pets because they will never have the defense or health to take on any of the super bosses.