Are pet builds the game's easy mode?

The biggest issue I currently have with pet builds is the fact that pets can be very fragile, especially the Skeletons and for example also the Revenant of Og’Napesh.
Despite high resistances and defensive ability etc. they too often die like flies. It is just not fun anymore. Pets seem to be particularly vulnerable to certain AOE spells/curses. I am sure this has been talked about, but the issue still exists in the game.
For as long as the skeletons and other pets don’t get a reasonable defensive buff, I cannot play pet builds again, sadly.

Well, I think you can literally say this about MOST characters too. How often do we here stories about a character tanking eveything and then suddenly gets one-shot. I don’t think the phenomena you describing is singular to pets. It’s a part of the game everywhere. This is why when I see someone post “What is a HC build that can survive everything” I’ll usually say, “None.” If I’m feeling generous I’ll give a reason for it. There are certainly some builds that come close to being nigh invulnerable. And Skeletons (pet wise) are like OFF and Blade Trap. They aren’t necessarily meant for end game. You can fully and comfortable level a character to 100 in campaign using Skeletons.

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After just finishing 3 different pet characters with their 3 sets that match, I have to say no they are not easy! When you have the sets oh yes they become easier! Are they the easy mode? Hell no! Tell me, can any pet build beat either lokaar, ravager, mogdrogen, callagadra or crate? NO! It requires alot more things to be added to the build! Not just legendarys, but skills and various devotions, many of which detract from the pets… Really any character you make in this game can not simply walk in and beat any of the fore mentioned bosses! No character can be simply made by maxing out said skills you want and going on to beat all the super bosses! I think the problem here is many of you are min/maxers and have forgotten what it’s like to just play the game! This game is not easy and requires (to my displeasure) min/maxing to beat all the super bosses… If all it required was get a set and max out all skills from set then everyone would have stopped playing ages ago! The fact you can at least do everything else in the game without min/maxing (for me anyway) makes this game awesome! Are pets the easist? With just about all classes that if you select a skill that kills quick it will trump any pet in elite up! Pets are one of the toughest to make and least beneficial for end game due to limited options for skills and items. When you get items they can be fun but the same problem is always there. Constant recasting of pets because they will never have the defense or health to take on any of the super bosses.

I’ve read skeletons are intended to be so vulnerable.

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Is this for real? You have videos of cruci runs with pets? I want to see you not engaging in battle and “dodging shit” seriously I hope I learn something.


Where did you read that?
I would find that weird.
It would be good if Zantai could clarify some things regarding this.

@tqFan yes, you need video-proof for that statement! xD

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I couldn’t find the quote I was thinking of but I did find this

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Sounds like you’re contradicting yourself to me. It’s you who needs to broaden your perspective if you claim lvl 100 is a timesink with no (!) inherent difficulty.
Say that to the vast majority of players who never even make it to ultimate. I’d venture to say, that those that actually do reach ultimate for the first time (and perhaps the second, third,… time) would disagree with you. I certainly would have back then even though I played a vit caster.

They don’t make it, because they stop playing. As to why they stop, the reasons are many. The point is, you are telling others to broaden their perspective, while your own seems to be only getting narrower.

The OP seems to be directed at new players, because of the vit caster -> dark one farming comparison. So no, pets are not easy mode, at least not for new players, that don’t know what they are doing. But then, what build is?

So the fact that monsters and bosses gets harder and harder, has nothing to do with the game itself?

I do agree with you in principle, compared to other ARPGs, getting to max level in GD is kind of a joke.

power scaling usually mean that you have to farm better gear because your skills and devotions can only take you up to a certain point. If a boss is unkillable at a certain point and keeps killing you over and over again, the remedy is to step back a bit, respec and fine tune some skills and find better gear.

If this is a mere a time-sink or not, it depends on the point of view of that particular player.

You would be surprised to see what kind of bad vit caster builds that are actually able to farm dark one set…

Wendigo totem is kinda bad unless you have Dark One set where they grant extra heal, dmg reduction AND you can have two of them for double effect.

Cabalist, Sentinel and Oppressor have no Wendigo Totem, broaden your perspectives.


The comparison was malawi’s, not mine. I agree with it though. Another irony in your posts is, that you blame others of being antagonistic and go on to accuse others of backwards logic because you don’t like/understand/want to understand their opinions.
Just a small hint: I did not say vit caster is easy mode either.
Good day to you.


Yes, but we have different standards and experience. Wendigo Totem does not on its own make you “immortal”. How many fully geared builds do you own that has Wendigo Totem as primarily source of heal which does not use Dark One set? Afaik, you have 2 (!) level 100 chars in GD? I have +50 and I bet I have more game-time leveling Vit Casters from scratch than what you have in the game in total :slight_smile: When you have some more chars, some posted builds etc, I might take your opinions more seriously.

Perhaps it is the tone, like

that might make you come off like antagonistic.

Also, you might come off as cocky with usage of terminology like “backwards logic”.

Easy game can be achieved only if you know exactly what you’re doing. :sunglasses:

I use Wendigo in lots of Shaman builds either as one pointer or 12/12. But outside Dark one is purely support skill, diminutive heal and negligible damage. Dark One makes it great! Ofc for melee builds you should max Blood Pact for flat damage, while main skill is usually one pointer.


It is all good man, you are making progress! :slight_smile:

It’s just that compared to most of the standards of us veterans, things like killing Mogdrogen deathless is you know, cute and all … but you can do that with a freaking SSF faction item build too.

You also have some, for “us”, weird perks like playing SSF without exp pots etc up to level 94 to get “true results” and THEN twink the living daylights out of your char. Calling it “basically HC” is also kind of … not true, because one of the harde parts in HC is to build your HC stash.

And also, we tend to post our stuff here all the time, claiming a build to be “secret” or whatever you wanna call it can thought of as weird, but I can understand that approach too - you wanna experience the game as true single player as possible (?).

We veterans have a different meta than you, and its all good man! That is the beauty of a single player focused game - you decide for yourself how you wanna play. But it is still a forum and we discuss things back and forth so you have to be prepared that ppl with not agree with you.

Shall we bury the hatch and keep discussing the main-subject of this thread?

I disagree with that “Pet builds are easy mode” statement. I consider it a trope, just like “XY Vitality Caster is basically unkillable”.

I’m a HC player and just recently tried a version of Mayas Fluffy Squishy build. It’s very strong of course but a lot of endgame builds are very strong. I had some clutch moments where I got basically swarmed/surrounded and almost died because I’m not a seasoned Pet Master. So my assessment is: On harder content you still have to be a somewhat decent pilot even as a Pet master.

For me it basically comes down to what Nery already said: