Are Seal of Annihilation and Execution Redundant?

Specifically, do the reductions to enemy health “stack”?

For example, if the health reduction for execution proc’s and reduces enemy health by 20% would a subsequent proc from Seal of Annihilation further reduce the enemies health or would it be rendered moot because the reduction has already occurred?

Trying to figure out whether it makes sense to add the component to my Blademaster’s helm who is 12/8 for execution.

Health reduction is just % current hp damage. It doesn’t have a duration or anything, it’s just damage.

Ok, thanks. Then they would stack nicely it appears. That would seem to be a potent combination.

Most enemies of note have drastic resistance to %health reduction, we’re talking the vague realm of 99% resistance.

Worth taking the component for effective oa/da, speed, energy cost reduction anyway.

%life reductin really should get a buff. It basically only works on enemies who die with one hit anyway.

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Yeah when you present it like that it seems about as useful as constitution.

EDIT: Actually, less useful. At least constitution can be immediately useful in certain modes of play where Healing sources are limited IE: classless.

They might aswell remove the stat tbh.

All it does is bait new players into thinking it’s good, when it’s actually useless 99% of the time.