Are skeletons viable in hardcore?

Anyone know of any new pet/skelllyyyyys builds viable for hardcore. Maya has helped me finish the game on hardcore across each difficulty but im addicted to pet builds and after having a break for around 6 months i recently saw in a facebook group about skeletons getting a buff but dont know whether or not thats true. Thanks folks

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@AlkamosHater can chime in regarding his own Skeleton builds.

But from mine, this is viable for anything and everything except Crate of entertainment on HC: Skulls & Bones - Pet Cabalist

And yes, Skeletons got a pretty noticeable buff :blush:

My skeleton builds are pretty dangerous to play on HC, maybe if you increase DA more. I guess Maya’s and Duskdeep’s builds are going to be safer there.

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@RektbyProtoss has some skeletons HC builds