Are these builds still viable?

Hi there, I played GD years ago and I want to jump in again. While looking for guides I found a Collection but they are all from previous patches, are they still viable? I want to follow “Eye of Reckoning Warlord” but it is Patch I play PoE so Im really used to have builds killed or heavely nerfed between patches.

If they are not viable, could you tell me which of these are beginner friendly? Or maybe you can recomend me some begginer builds. I usually start ARPG with melee builds as they tend to be easier to learn in terms of mechanics.

These are great beginners builds!

But the author Malawiglenn haven’t been active since August, so they’re not updated and most of the builds would require some changes but the core/premise is still the same, so should work.

For example blue amulet Essence of Beronath was used in lots of builds, because it was providing +1 to all skills, now is worthless, so should change that.

PS, welcome to the forum!

Thanks for your answer, if the core mechanics are the same then I wont have problems. I will be carefull while looking at the recomended gear.