ARK: survival evolved

After upgrading my rig, I am finally able to play this game at a nice framerate:

Is anybody else playing this game and runs a server without cheating or assholes on it? Is there a private server anyone can suggest?

I just want to do PvE content and join a tribe and take down and tame dinosaurs, and build a house.

I have this game but dont play it for now.)))when i have play it the fps was horible for me-20-30,so i have delete it and didnt play it from long time.maybe some day i will return who knows)).Anyway on what PC u play it do u have any trouble with fps?? I m with 8gb ram, Intel i5, 950 gtx with 2 gb video.??

Hey, no. I have no trouble at all with FPS. I have all settings maxed and i am running between 45 and 60 FPS , varying.

intel i7 4ghz
16 gigs ram
nvidia geforce 980ti

Well, that 980ti is why heh.