Armor Absorbtion augments in armor slot

Currently the generic source of armor absorption is components, and since every build would want at least 90% we are locked to using same component combinations again and again, unless it’s a soldier (which is another reason to like this class and complain about it). It ends up being a juggle between Scaled Hide, Living Armor, Sacred Plating and Ancient Armor Plating, which are used in every single build en masse.

To promote component diversity it’d be good if we had an armor augment that improved armor absorption, like 3% armor and 3% armor absorbtion.

I’m not sure, but I think this is a very niche issue for the most elite of players who want to grind crucible high level only. I have quite a few level 100’s, of which most don’t use the components you suggest. Now it could be I’m just an idiot for not picking what you think is best, or it might be that for most of the game’s content (campaign) these components aren’t mandatory.

Don’t forget that also most players don’t play at level 100, it would be silly to only make balance adjustments based on the top-end of the player base.

Luckily, I always had a reason to pick one of those components.

As augments grant all sources of primary resists, armor absorption would be a good idea. Some augments also give armor (weapon augments iirc), so armor absorption for jewelry, for example, would be okay.

Personally I think Scars of Battle, which I loved pre AoM, has lost some of it’s value in AoM.

The absorption lvl 75 components are so good you will have at two of them on most builds.

Imo it’s Scars of Battle that needs a Rework

I’d be up for this, and it’d be nice to have something other than Wendigo Lifescent Powder (and you don’t even get that if you don’t side with Barrowholm) to shove on my armour when my resists are already dealt with.

I didn’t forget anything. I perfectly realise that this is something that becomes rather obvious after you make half a dozen of level 100s and theorycraft in grim tools twice as much. It’s not about balance, it’s the feel when you optimize your character and realize that some piece of the puzzle is missing from the game. The argument that it’s something that affects minority of players shatters from the fact that mythical legendaries also affect minority of players, yet they exist.

Armor absorption for jewelry would be utter trash because it has to compete with Survivor’s Ingenuity and Sylvarria’s Essense. In fact there are already some weapon/jewelry augments that provide armor absorption, but they are out of competition.

Yes, they are good. But two components is just 87% absorption and I could use extra means to improve it without using the third one. Also some of the builds have enough of say vitality and chaos, making Sacred Plating and Living Armor significantly less lucrative, but meanwhile these builds are short of pierce resistance so they’d rather use two Titan Platings.

And here we are, with the same problem on the jewelry auguments. We are locked at these two auguments because it’s so hard for most builds to get reasonable OA and/or DA from other sources. Maybe they can address both problems in one go? Give armor absorption to more auguments and give more %OA/DA for more components.

Not a bad idea, all my finished builds now have two sacred plating/living armor in head/shoulders and usually armor plate in the pants. This is effective but a bit dull.

The problem is similar but the scope is very different. The game grew to be balanced around using these augments (each is +40-50 OA/DA roughtly, see if your builds would be fine with 120-150 less OA and DA). Compared to that the issue in this thread is just a minor inconvenience.