armor absorption cap?

Does anybody know about armor absorption cap?
Character statistics show me 100% ArmorAbs., but i have about +100% ArmorAbs. bonuses (from different sourses, including activated Stone Form from Obelisk of Menhir constellation).
So, as i know from Armor formula, i should have 70*2 = 140% AA, not 100.
Well, is it capped at 100 percent? :undecided:

I wish armor would absorb more… but how?

100% cap.

Also about armor

Yes, it is capped at 100%. What bugs me, though is I’m not sure if bonuses from equipped armor affect only that slot, or global armor absorption. According to the tooltip, it’s the later. Game guide doesn’t say one or other, but there is a post in advanced mechanic section sayng that:


That was back in B27, and I wonder has it been changed, or not.

To answer my own question. It seems that any +% armor absorption is global. Glad to have all my doubts solved.